Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscars, Cheating,

On the Oscars red carpet there was nary a bulge to be found as each actress looked slimmer than the next. Then I catch Kristin Chenoweth chime in, I'm pretty tucked in...and then another celebrity says she's corseted in. Clearly thats the trend at the Oscars, it may be Spanx on the bottom but its corsets for the midsection. Cheating or not cheating, its all about image!

After 2 months of being sick I'm finally better, though 10lbs up from my usual weight. So I've committed myself to running 3-4x a week, similar to when I trained for the NYC Marathon. This morning I head to the East Side Highway and usually it's mostly men running, not this morning, it must have been how all the women loooked so slim at the Oscars because the running path was 95% women, unheard of, believe me. But its good to be back. Big things are coming my way in Spring!!

But below are my fav oscar looks (we'll salute the curvy women first)...Octavia Spencer looked ethereal, Adele (must not have had an American stylist bc she was the only one sporting bulge on the red carpet) and Halle Berry looked absolutely beautiful...

Ethereal and lightly beautiful Octavia
Sexy Norah Jones

Post Baby Adele
Vision in Versace Halle
Daring Naomi Watts