Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zarina T. and Chopping...

I've been having a "Meantime" experience (lookup Iyanla and you'll know what I mean) and had misplaced my voice. Early November to mid December is always a trying one for me! Maybe because it's my birth month and I'm always taking stock of where I am vs my goal for the year, in all areas of my life. I must say, I've faired well and now the voice is back!!

There's a saying "if your right hand is causing you to stumble, chop it off! Better for you to lose one hand than your entire soul"! So after much reflection, in the last couple of days I have had some chopping to do.

I had the pleasure of attending an album release party for the Grammy nominated Zarina Taylor Tuesday night, and she thoroughly inspired me! Not only was she charismatic and owned the stage but her songs were full of messages. What resonated to me was to deliver myself from the harmful "meantime" experiences and get my head back in the game. She is a lovely, curvy young lady who attended my fashion debut in September. Needless to say we will be collaborating for future events, but were not able to for this event (my own fault)!! Below are some images of us, check her out, she's R&B, hip hop, & reggae!

Below are images of us at my show, and a gorgeous, shot of Zarina alone. Her style: modern, sexy, and fresh. I'm really looking forward to our collaboration!