Monday, November 5, 2012

Curvy Girl's Storm Survival Guide to Dressing...

As we look back on a crazy week of survival and the necessities of life, in the aftermath of Sandy, I'm sure many will put fashion at the very bottom of the list!

I was fortunate enough to only lose power during the storm, which made it necessary for me to grab a few things together and head to my closest friend's place, close to 100 blocks away, uptown in Harlem. Since I work in fashion, I have to be fashionable! Needless to say I was not going to schlep to my dark apartment each day, bring a new outfit uptown and have a 2 hour bus ride (although I did do this for 2 days)! Nor was I going to pack 6 bags worth of clothing, accessories, etc and takeover her place.

What's a girl to do!!! Since the power was scheduled to be out for 4 days, I picked and packed 5 of my most favorite and flattering bottoms, 6 tops which are classic (think 2 turtlenecks black and navy, a couple v necks red and navy, a stripe boatneck navy and white). And those were my outfits.

Since they are all favorite items I knew I would be comfortable, which is key; stylish, another key and I could be confident in what I'm wearing even though I was not confident about how long a commute I'd have, or when the electricity would come back on. Again, fashion not such a huge necessity, but it is a very little thing you can control among many big thins beyond your control!