Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hustle and show???

What happens after the show? Very similar to the Bravo specials, After the Show, where each housewife hustles to get into kick butt shape and launch a book, workout video, a clothing line, etc...Welcome to my life, post fashion show!

True, I do get to circulate a bit more! No more hovering over samples, pouring over fabrics - for the time being - and working well until the morning to make my Sept 8th show deadline. Contrary to popular belief, buyers do not hand you orders after a show. There is a lot of follow up and walking them through the line, how it will work well with the current vendors on their floor, and much much more.

This, along with contacting more press is my focus for this week/month. As well as getting my News12 coverage more buzz. Lookout for it on youtube, my website and the blog...

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