Monday, September 10, 2012

After the Show....

"Houston, we have lift off"

Think of all the footage we see when a space shuttle launches, all the personnel at mission control who dedicated their lives for the past year to make that happen erupt into applause and hug one another because they did it, they had lift off...that's how I feel about my collection, I have lift off!

During the show everyone kept saying it's so calm backstage, you're very calm! Well, a couple of weeks before the show I embarked on the chopra center 21 day meditation challenge and a month of yoga. I approached the show with a ton of gratitude that I have the ability and support to do so, and a ton of humility (an open heart and mind) because there are so many moving parts and variables, I knew that some were out of my control and I accept that, let it lead me where it may......which was to a Rocking Show!!

There was music, coffee, food, clothes, shoes, jewelry, models (sometimes naked), makeup people (thank you celebrity makeup artist Nil Muir) and hair people. A news 12 camera crew was there, I will let everyone know when the story will air!

Everything they say about a fashion show is true, true, true! Backstage is fun, glamorous, palpable energy, such an adrenaline rush.

Thank you to all for macking it happen. A pic of me and my models...

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