Monday, August 27, 2012

"Who has time....."

"But how can you ever have time, if you never take time"? One of my favorite quotes from the movie Matrix - cut to a set of albino, rastafari twins who are smoking up, nodding their head in agreement after their creator espouses this great wisdom!

This weekend I took the time to go out to Long Island and meet with one of my models. She's a mom of 3, and only 5 months ago gave birth to her youngest! Now, she's not a mega A-Lister who is able to go into hiding for 3 months and re emerge in her former size 2 self. She's a kindergarten teacher, a wife, a mother, working to provide for her family and she's an Alister to them.

One of the dresses I got back on Sunday looked just amazing on her!! We came out of her bedroom, showed an investor - who I made the trip with, showed her husband, both of whom said she looked amazing. And she said, "this is on my to buy list when the line comes out next Spring, I feel amazing in it"!

And that is why I designed this line of clothing. To empower mothers who may not be an Alist star, by Hollywood standards but are the Stars in their kids' lives, with affordable clothing options which celebrate their shape and enstill in them the confidence to tackle whatever comes their way!
Below are myself adjusting the collr of the dress on her, and below is me trying on another of my dresses...

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