Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fashion Show & Fashion's Night Out....

Are you ready? Are you ready?

OMG - I thought week 2 of August was crazy! There's so much happening up to the leadup to September - Fashion week (September 6-13, for those of you unsuspecting fashionistas). It's doubly thrilling for me, because my collection will show Saturday September 8th (tentative).

I'm running around getting samples, tweaking them so that they're as nearly perfect as possible to show! Inspired by my mom and all curvy women everywhere who are wardrobe challenged because of the lack of assortment out there...

Below is the link to the NYC fashion's night out schedule, start planning your stops...

Tops on my list is to see the legendary Grace Coddington, love her flaming red hair!!

•Balenciaga has teamed up with the coolest Vogue editor of them all (Grace Coddington of course!) for a limited edition of accessories featuring sketches of her cat, Pumpkin. And wherever Grace goes, you should probably follow.

W basketball star Dwayne Wade at last year's Fashions Night Out!

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