Monday, August 20, 2012

Curvy Style tip of the week....small stripes!!

I am obsessed with stripes, if worn correctly, these can minimize flaws (like a non 6 pack mid section, which most of us contend with)....There are about 2 to 5 dresses in my collection which will be of striped fabric, in varying colors...

Thin stripes, preferably work vertically have a very slimming, flattering effect. Let's take a cue from the First Lady (hence First Curvy Lady) Michelle Obama in a very flattering stripe dress, the always fashionable Jackie O in stripes (not that she needed to look slimmer), the beautiful Vanessa Williams in an updated striped dress, and also a dress which I purchased close to 10 years ago and wore out a month ago and got so many compliments on, as well as the post on ruching where that dress was also striped!!  Wear your stripes and be proud....


  1. stripes are very elegant!!

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