Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 Weeks Til Fashion Week...

and loving it! I'm getting samples in, more fabric shopping, I have my event space narrowed down - everything is really coming together!

A few side notes: Don't you love wearing a wow outfit and feeling it, waiting on line at starbucks and noticing the other girls wearing bland tan, nude boring colors checking you out. And if you don't notice, the tell tale sign is them playing with their hair (as this is the only thing which they can change right then and so they try)!! I especially love dressing up in rainy days. Today's outfit is a repeat so I will not bore you with a repeat pic...

Instead, below is a pic of a woman who's thoughts I try and encapsulate every day, whether it be the morning as I'm walking and correcting my posture, the kind of integrity I want to bring to my clothing line, being true to the vision I have and not compromising on what my gut tells me....

The Queen Bee of fashion...

Understated and happy

Hating the cameras

So serious and posh!

tired but smiling?


  1. Maybe you'll make it into the September issue :)
    Excited for you... are you stopping by AccessoriesTheShow this week to buy some stuff to bling out the collection? NYIGF also is fun.

  2. Yeah, maybe next year's September issue!! I had no idea there was an accessories expo this week, where at?