Monday, August 27, 2012

"Who has time....."

"But how can you ever have time, if you never take time"? One of my favorite quotes from the movie Matrix - cut to a set of albino, rastafari twins who are smoking up, nodding their head in agreement after their creator espouses this great wisdom!

This weekend I took the time to go out to Long Island and meet with one of my models. She's a mom of 3, and only 5 months ago gave birth to her youngest! Now, she's not a mega A-Lister who is able to go into hiding for 3 months and re emerge in her former size 2 self. She's a kindergarten teacher, a wife, a mother, working to provide for her family and she's an Alister to them.

One of the dresses I got back on Sunday looked just amazing on her!! We came out of her bedroom, showed an investor - who I made the trip with, showed her husband, both of whom said she looked amazing. And she said, "this is on my to buy list when the line comes out next Spring, I feel amazing in it"!

And that is why I designed this line of clothing. To empower mothers who may not be an Alist star, by Hollywood standards but are the Stars in their kids' lives, with affordable clothing options which celebrate their shape and enstill in them the confidence to tackle whatever comes their way!
Below are myself adjusting the collr of the dress on her, and below is me trying on another of my dresses...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's Mantra....

"The easier you get it the less you appreciate it." Borrowed from an old high school then college classmate's  facebook post...

The last few nights have been sleepless - which have rendered me groggy the past 3 nights. Which has left
me unable to get up for my morning runs and uninspired throughout the days...

Am I going to let this keep me down and from pursuing my dream 1000%? Absolutely not!! "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it" my year mantra!  I knew when I came up with the idea of my line of dresses and jumpers las year that I would have to fight for it...not let the naysayers get into my head, shirk off the negative vibe of the pessimistic, and get over some of my own shortcomings. And I have come a long way from that!

Things in my favor - absolute tenacity and belief in myself! No one can take that and I will not allow it to be stifled.

The reason I love fashion is because of the transforming effect of clothing. It's like a suit of armor. For me it has the tranforming effect of instilling confidence, perseverence, and authority. I said this to an old friend, my former gym instructor, and he said really - when I met you I assumed you were a confident, self-assured, person. Little did he know, I doubted myself a lot and tried to make everyone else happy!

But I have found my voice, in my clothing line, and I am convinced that it is the correct voice. Undeterred, I forge ahead into the unknown next 2 weeks until my fashion show, certain that I will emerge on the other side, victorious!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Curvy Style tip of the week....small stripes!!

I am obsessed with stripes, if worn correctly, these can minimize flaws (like a non 6 pack mid section, which most of us contend with)....There are about 2 to 5 dresses in my collection which will be of striped fabric, in varying colors...

Thin stripes, preferably work vertically have a very slimming, flattering effect. Let's take a cue from the First Lady (hence First Curvy Lady) Michelle Obama in a very flattering stripe dress, the always fashionable Jackie O in stripes (not that she needed to look slimmer), the beautiful Vanessa Williams in an updated striped dress, and also a dress which I purchased close to 10 years ago and wore out a month ago and got so many compliments on, as well as the post on ruching where that dress was also striped!!  Wear your stripes and be proud....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fashion Show & Fashion's Night Out....

Are you ready? Are you ready?

OMG - I thought week 2 of August was crazy! There's so much happening up to the leadup to September - Fashion week (September 6-13, for those of you unsuspecting fashionistas). It's doubly thrilling for me, because my collection will show Saturday September 8th (tentative).

I'm running around getting samples, tweaking them so that they're as nearly perfect as possible to show! Inspired by my mom and all curvy women everywhere who are wardrobe challenged because of the lack of assortment out there...

Below is the link to the NYC fashion's night out schedule, start planning your stops...

Tops on my list is to see the legendary Grace Coddington, love her flaming red hair!!

•Balenciaga has teamed up with the coolest Vogue editor of them all (Grace Coddington of course!) for a limited edition of accessories featuring sketches of her cat, Pumpkin. And wherever Grace goes, you should probably follow.

W basketball star Dwayne Wade at last year's Fashions Night Out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thank goodness for Ruching

This week's big style tip is Ruching, a french term meaning to gather. When done right the effects are tantamount to Spanx, well almost! When choosing a dress with ruching, really it should be at least semi fitted, if its too big - it will just look like drapey fabric and remember my saying "you don't put a cury girl in a big dress"!!

If you're having a really off day (like you binged on pasta, beer and friens the night before) and want to get into that Ruched dress the next day - wear spanx underneath a ruched dress for a guaranteed slim down!

Below are some images of Ruching done well and my own pic in the black and grey dress of Ruching done semi right (I did have wine, bear, fries and bratwurst sausage last night)..

Bey in bold red ruching, not long after having her baby!
Queen L in purple ruching

Gorgeous sold out asos top!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 Weeks Til Fashion Week...

and loving it! I'm getting samples in, more fabric shopping, I have my event space narrowed down - everything is really coming together!

A few side notes: Don't you love wearing a wow outfit and feeling it, waiting on line at starbucks and noticing the other girls wearing bland tan, nude boring colors checking you out. And if you don't notice, the tell tale sign is them playing with their hair (as this is the only thing which they can change right then and so they try)!! I especially love dressing up in rainy days. Today's outfit is a repeat so I will not bore you with a repeat pic...

Instead, below is a pic of a woman who's thoughts I try and encapsulate every day, whether it be the morning as I'm walking and correcting my posture, the kind of integrity I want to bring to my clothing line, being true to the vision I have and not compromising on what my gut tells me....

The Queen Bee of fashion...

Understated and happy

Hating the cameras

So serious and posh!

tired but smiling?