Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Networking Functions, Meditations, Samples and more...

There is a saying "we are each living the life we want" and for me, today, I feel this is perfectly true. My friend Suse invited me to embark on the 21 day meditation challenge from the Chopra center and I happily accepted. As I have also embarked on a 1 month (I'm contemplating a 2nd month) unlimited yoga journey.

The 3 biggest mistakes people make at these events, according to the speaker, Dr. Kool (I kid you not): 1. They focus on business; 2. There is no follow up; 3. no consistency (it takes someone 8x to see an advertisement before they decide to click or act on it).

So we start our session by introducing ourselves and who we hope to meet at this event. And I give my intro about creating a line of clothing for women with curves. After the event there were sooo many people I wanted to talk with. But I gave my all not to talk about business but to actually get to know them, because that's always my process..the business will come naturally, especially if its something you love - like I love fashion.

Below is what I wore today, I bought this belt almost 2 months ago and it just never goes with anything - so i took it out today and said, I'm wearing it come hell or high water....and I got so many compliments on it...And my good friend Nan and I with a bottle of barbancourt at our fav Sunday spot...

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