Monday, July 2, 2012

Morning Glory...

I love the mornings! Not to say that I'm a morning person, all bubbly and giddy. Just the opposite, I like to start it off as if in a meditative state - quiet, reflecting on the tasks at hand - getting breakfast, lunch ready, dressing and making it to my desk.

It's just that I love the promise of a new day, that anything can and will happen. There are tasks and to do lists ahead, and the satisfaction of accomplishing them is nearly unparallelled.

That being said, this week is a 2 day work week for us which means I am going to be slammed at work! Then I need to meet my patternmaker at lunch, then more fabric shopping after work, then the gym to Zumba, and back home to do some more work then bed to rest up and do most of it again.

This week is also a casual week for us. So I've decided to post what is inspiring me this week. I love all things Victorian, the high collar - the corset pushing out ample bosoms. Below are images of the character Caterina Sforza on the Borgias set in 1492 Italy. The phrase that stuck with me is loosely "I'm a woman in a man's world, (behaving/living) as a man, freely and openly" This at a time when women were relegated to being givein into marriages for fortune, alliances, troops, etc. I was in awe of her energy and strength and hope to carry that with me throughout this week...

C Sforza kneeling willingly to seduce her would be captor

C Sforza flat out seducing her would be jailor

C Sforza defiantly saying "no" she will not willing kneel to the pope

CSforza in armor, proclaiming "God granted me with this with which I can have 10 more sons" as they were torturing her one son in order to convince her to give up

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