Friday, July 27, 2012

Samples, yoga and jumpers...

I am very inspired by jumpers, below are very sassy looks - which I adore!

I've been quiet of late. Mainly because I'm picking up and dropping off patterns to be graded today. Then I'm going fabric shopping to get at least 4 more dresses made. After that, off to the sample maker to get them made! As well as picking up 2 to 3 samples, I'm always anxious that they will not turn out how I specified, but I've been pleasantly surprised - so we will go with that! Fabric shopping is the most fun of the processes, as it is like actual shopping -

This morning I wake up to check and make sure that my favorite yoga instructor is indeed leading the class, only to see a man's name, Will in place of Jenna! I've seen this name before and I didn't take a class because of it. I shut my laptop off and think oh, I'll just go back to bed. Then I reopen it to check the weather, maybe a run, but it's a tad warmer than I like. Well, I'm already up so I hustle to yoga class. He's checking in someone, who's paying with a credit card and it takes forever! Then he gets to me, I'm all set - I have 2 classes left in my one month series.

I get into the room, but its good size class, I happed to find a good spot. There's music playing, which I don't notice until he asks if we mind to flow to music! No, one girl shouts immediately - I personally dislike having the music on, its an added unnecessary destraction. But I decide not to say anything and let the music play. Maybe I need to approach this class with humility (defined as an open heart and open mind)!

OMG, suprisingly amazing is how I describe the class. During a first sequence I sigh and he's like yeah, adjusts me a bit and smacks my's that, he says! Also, in more relaxing poses I tend to sigh with my mouth closed and he says yeah, lets all do that! Practice was intense, challenging, peaceful, calming, funny, it didn't feel like a workout at all! I will spend the rest of today truly humbled at how narrow minded I can be...and will embrace and think of what can be if I open my heart and mind!

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