Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspired by a Cutie....

Aside from saying that tomorrow is the first fitting with my model and I'm very excited about that...
I feel compelled not to write about what process I'm at.

Instead, at the company I work for now, we usually dress up for work and we all inspire one another to look our very best and in the company's latest fashions. I just adore our receptionist, she is uber cute and she's agreed to let me post some pics of her (I'm sure it's a most welcome break from seeing my pic all the time)..

Here's to everyone inspiring one another...

I feel she looks like one of Charlie's Angels, this shot has such a great retro feel...the pink shades really focus this shot!

Uber cute Free People tan dress, with the Times Square backdrop!

Very bohemian chic handkerchief meets tribal print hi-low hem dress

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