Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Word "Impossible"....

If ever a word the Presidents/Vice Presidents of Sales, CEO's, Co-Founders, etc. who I've worked with in my 15 years in fashion have ever truly disliked - "Impossible" is it! One Chief Merchant stated "that's just a lazy person's way of trying to get out of doing something which will take actual work" had to love her despite comments like that, she was always impeccably put together!

Here's what happened..Tuesday July 3rd I dropped off my first sample to the samplemaker and am now in wait mode. I bought a gorgeous fabric with a tricky pattern which I want to match. The woman who runs the business takes me to the cutter, when I explain to him that I want him to cut it in a way that all the lines fall in a similar direction, he says that's not possible to do! We go back and forth and I think to myself and say to him: "ok, I can let him 'do his thing' this very first time and if it comes out well, we're in business". If not, guess what, there's another samplemaker a few buildings over which I can give my business to! I usually have a plan A, B and C. Aim for the optimal/out of the ballpark expectations and communicate as much - but know limitations/constraints and be able to adapt so that in the end the result will be no less spectacular.

I text my patternmaker that same night, as she referred that group to me and has a close relationship with them. She says she will speak to them the next day, Wednesday July 4th. (Note, the sample/pattern making people do not take July 4th off, as most of them are asian - it is not their holiday and they prefer to work through it and make money! So would I, if I had that option). She texts me by 10am on Wednesday that what I'm asking for is "impossible", ugh that word. So I say, ok I'll let him "do his thing" and "wow" me.

Doesn't look so tricky to me!

Friday July 6th when I pick it up, I will have 2 more samples to give if the first one turned out well. But, in case it doesn't I will have the same fabric for the other samplemaker to give it a try and compare/contrast. I may do this anyway, I do not like the idea of having all my eggs in 1 basket.

Below is one of the many beautiful women with curves, who inspires me! I love the old world detail of this dress!

Beautiful women come with curves!


  1. Great post ! You should make the images bigger for better eye catch :D

  2. Great feedback!! I've gone back and made them bigger!