Friday, July 27, 2012

Samples, yoga and jumpers...

I am very inspired by jumpers, below are very sassy looks - which I adore!

I've been quiet of late. Mainly because I'm picking up and dropping off patterns to be graded today. Then I'm going fabric shopping to get at least 4 more dresses made. After that, off to the sample maker to get them made! As well as picking up 2 to 3 samples, I'm always anxious that they will not turn out how I specified, but I've been pleasantly surprised - so we will go with that! Fabric shopping is the most fun of the processes, as it is like actual shopping -

This morning I wake up to check and make sure that my favorite yoga instructor is indeed leading the class, only to see a man's name, Will in place of Jenna! I've seen this name before and I didn't take a class because of it. I shut my laptop off and think oh, I'll just go back to bed. Then I reopen it to check the weather, maybe a run, but it's a tad warmer than I like. Well, I'm already up so I hustle to yoga class. He's checking in someone, who's paying with a credit card and it takes forever! Then he gets to me, I'm all set - I have 2 classes left in my one month series.

I get into the room, but its good size class, I happed to find a good spot. There's music playing, which I don't notice until he asks if we mind to flow to music! No, one girl shouts immediately - I personally dislike having the music on, its an added unnecessary destraction. But I decide not to say anything and let the music play. Maybe I need to approach this class with humility (defined as an open heart and open mind)!

OMG, suprisingly amazing is how I describe the class. During a first sequence I sigh and he's like yeah, adjusts me a bit and smacks my's that, he says! Also, in more relaxing poses I tend to sigh with my mouth closed and he says yeah, lets all do that! Practice was intense, challenging, peaceful, calming, funny, it didn't feel like a workout at all! I will spend the rest of today truly humbled at how narrow minded I can be...and will embrace and think of what can be if I open my heart and mind!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspired by a Cutie....

Aside from saying that tomorrow is the first fitting with my model and I'm very excited about that...
I feel compelled not to write about what process I'm at.

Instead, at the company I work for now, we usually dress up for work and we all inspire one another to look our very best and in the company's latest fashions. I just adore our receptionist, she is uber cute and she's agreed to let me post some pics of her (I'm sure it's a most welcome break from seeing my pic all the time)..

Here's to everyone inspiring one another...

I feel she looks like one of Charlie's Angels, this shot has such a great retro feel...the pink shades really focus this shot!

Uber cute Free People tan dress, with the Times Square backdrop!

Very bohemian chic handkerchief meets tribal print hi-low hem dress

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Networking Functions, Meditations, Samples and more...

There is a saying "we are each living the life we want" and for me, today, I feel this is perfectly true. My friend Suse invited me to embark on the 21 day meditation challenge from the Chopra center and I happily accepted. As I have also embarked on a 1 month (I'm contemplating a 2nd month) unlimited yoga journey.

The 3 biggest mistakes people make at these events, according to the speaker, Dr. Kool (I kid you not): 1. They focus on business; 2. There is no follow up; 3. no consistency (it takes someone 8x to see an advertisement before they decide to click or act on it).

So we start our session by introducing ourselves and who we hope to meet at this event. And I give my intro about creating a line of clothing for women with curves. After the event there were sooo many people I wanted to talk with. But I gave my all not to talk about business but to actually get to know them, because that's always my process..the business will come naturally, especially if its something you love - like I love fashion.

Below is what I wore today, I bought this belt almost 2 months ago and it just never goes with anything - so i took it out today and said, I'm wearing it come hell or high water....and I got so many compliments on it...And my good friend Nan and I with a bottle of barbancourt at our fav Sunday spot...

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Sample Time....

I know I should post pics, but I'm just not going to...September is so close, surely you can wait to see the collection until then! But they're rolling in and looking good. Onto my fit models and model search. 2 possibilities, from among friends, so far! Anyone have a curvy, beautiful friend...send them my way!

Today I'm going to rant about shoes! Very early in the summer I spotted these shoes at L&T, saw they had them online as well. And I went to the "designers" website and they were there. So, there was a good chance they wouldn't sell out of my size. A few weeks later, there was a percentage off on them and a coupon. It was still early in the season, I still was i no rush. A month and a half later, they were dicounted, plus a percentage off and a coupon...time to buy, so I did. That was early May. Today makes the 2nd time I've worn the wedges and the incline is so deceivingly steep that it feels like I'm on my tiptoes when I walk. The brand, a famous person who basically slapped their name on a line of shoes obviously developed by someone else....poor design Ivanka. Check out the culprits below...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Word "Impossible"....

If ever a word the Presidents/Vice Presidents of Sales, CEO's, Co-Founders, etc. who I've worked with in my 15 years in fashion have ever truly disliked - "Impossible" is it! One Chief Merchant stated "that's just a lazy person's way of trying to get out of doing something which will take actual work" had to love her despite comments like that, she was always impeccably put together!

Here's what happened..Tuesday July 3rd I dropped off my first sample to the samplemaker and am now in wait mode. I bought a gorgeous fabric with a tricky pattern which I want to match. The woman who runs the business takes me to the cutter, when I explain to him that I want him to cut it in a way that all the lines fall in a similar direction, he says that's not possible to do! We go back and forth and I think to myself and say to him: "ok, I can let him 'do his thing' this very first time and if it comes out well, we're in business". If not, guess what, there's another samplemaker a few buildings over which I can give my business to! I usually have a plan A, B and C. Aim for the optimal/out of the ballpark expectations and communicate as much - but know limitations/constraints and be able to adapt so that in the end the result will be no less spectacular.

I text my patternmaker that same night, as she referred that group to me and has a close relationship with them. She says she will speak to them the next day, Wednesday July 4th. (Note, the sample/pattern making people do not take July 4th off, as most of them are asian - it is not their holiday and they prefer to work through it and make money! So would I, if I had that option). She texts me by 10am on Wednesday that what I'm asking for is "impossible", ugh that word. So I say, ok I'll let him "do his thing" and "wow" me.

Doesn't look so tricky to me!

Friday July 6th when I pick it up, I will have 2 more samples to give if the first one turned out well. But, in case it doesn't I will have the same fabric for the other samplemaker to give it a try and compare/contrast. I may do this anyway, I do not like the idea of having all my eggs in 1 basket.

Below is one of the many beautiful women with curves, who inspires me! I love the old world detail of this dress!

Beautiful women come with curves!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Morning Glory...

I love the mornings! Not to say that I'm a morning person, all bubbly and giddy. Just the opposite, I like to start it off as if in a meditative state - quiet, reflecting on the tasks at hand - getting breakfast, lunch ready, dressing and making it to my desk.

It's just that I love the promise of a new day, that anything can and will happen. There are tasks and to do lists ahead, and the satisfaction of accomplishing them is nearly unparallelled.

That being said, this week is a 2 day work week for us which means I am going to be slammed at work! Then I need to meet my patternmaker at lunch, then more fabric shopping after work, then the gym to Zumba, and back home to do some more work then bed to rest up and do most of it again.

This week is also a casual week for us. So I've decided to post what is inspiring me this week. I love all things Victorian, the high collar - the corset pushing out ample bosoms. Below are images of the character Caterina Sforza on the Borgias set in 1492 Italy. The phrase that stuck with me is loosely "I'm a woman in a man's world, (behaving/living) as a man, freely and openly" This at a time when women were relegated to being givein into marriages for fortune, alliances, troops, etc. I was in awe of her energy and strength and hope to carry that with me throughout this week...

C Sforza kneeling willingly to seduce her would be captor

C Sforza flat out seducing her would be jailor

C Sforza defiantly saying "no" she will not willing kneel to the pope

CSforza in armor, proclaiming "God granted me with this with which I can have 10 more sons" as they were torturing her one son in order to convince her to give up