Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend Madness Into the Week's Dilemma..

I have a few minutes to blog before my 9-5 day actually begins! So, I left the city and got some much needed rest and relaxation only to come back Sunday. Started Sunday with an intense heated power yoga session, conducted by the studio owner at 8:30 am. I always run on Sundays so I brough along my id, a credit card, cash, and keys - wrapped up in a paper towel (because I misplaced my mp3 player holder which usually holds all of that). I take out my makeshift wallet to pay for a towel at the studio, and she's never seen anything like it - takes a picture of it and says she's going to blog about it (I haven't seen a post yet). After the intense yoga, I take the subway up to Central Park and marvel at how crazy I am for even attempting this, but somehow I complete the 6.2 mile loop, at a good pace.

Subway ride back home, I'm going to need some starbucks today, so i get a cup, get home at 11:30, shower and change. Haul butt to religious services which start at 12:45 - I arrive at 12:50.. Afterwards, desperately wanted a lobster roll and planned to get one on the UWS, it starts raining. No problem, I get out my umbrella I bought from Duane Reade Friday and it doesn't open...looks like I'm heading to soho, because there's a Duane Reade right off the train and my usual lobster roll place isn't far! At 3:45pm I sit down to my first meal of lobster roll & fries, and proceed to relate the above story to the waiter behind the bar as he asks me how I am!

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