Monday, June 25, 2012

Single and Samples...

Inspired by last Sunday's good time, I decided to return to the little speak easy tucked away on a bustling corner in the West Village. It was buzzing, vibrant and the evening ended with good food, excellent champagne and revelations!

If you thought single fashion girl's "single" status was going to change, you need not worry, as the saying goes, "The well is currently in use". Which means my fancy will remain just that, an innocent flirtation, recurring Sundays at the corner speakeasy where I know I will find interesting characters, life stories, inspiration and eye candy a plenty. Below is our group picture last night...

Enough about that! So tomorrow I get my first sample made, I'm so excited and ready for it to happen. Below are 2 muslins (which is a light fabric used by the patternmaker to compose how the garment is o be created for the samplemaker). I  may or may not post what the actual dress comes out to look like - I want to everyone curious until the unveiling at my show in September...


  1. Oh my goodness! Super excited to see the results now...It looks fantastic!

  2. So... Would this interestingly wonderful piece of art be worn by someone in particular?

  3. Of course I have my taget demographic!

    1. Actually I was referring (or alluding. Whichever works for you) if you'd be wearing it? LOL

      But that's sounds good too. Looks great by the way. Stay inspired.

  4. Yes, I am part of my target demographic! Thank you, I will.