Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sample Dilemma....

This week's dilemma - I am not at all confident about having some other person do my samples from the patternmaker's work! I couldn't breathe at some point and I realized it was when my patternmaker took me and introduced me to the sample maker!! She couldn't really grasy what I wanted, the whole language thing was a little out of whack - and my patternmaker assures me, don't worry she will call me if she runs into any issues and I will explain. That NEVER sits right with me! "Don't Worry"!!! I'm putting every penny I own into this venture. I received my first investment check this week and it's like platinum to me - this person invested because they believe in my ability, they "trust" me. That I'm not going to blindly trust someone else and give them my hard earned money for sub par results, no, not happening, "You've got the wrong Holly Golightly"!

Needless to say that today I am meeting with her and negotiating different terms!!

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