Friday, June 29, 2012

In mourning, but inspired

Last week I went to the wake and funeral of a good friend's mother. She passed away from complications stemming from a brain tumor, and was 2 years younger than my own mother. So, I've been imagining the passing of my own mother, not the best frame of mind to be in. I'm torn between the emotions of being in mourning and the excitement of my clothing line.

Tuesday, I went fabric shopping again. My aim was just to walk around and look at the different fabrics and just preview everything for some visual stimulation. This awesome saleswoman found me, just wandering around and asked if I needed help. I said no, then said well I was looking for "a certain" print but not on heavy wool. And she takes me to a different aisle, we get another saleswoman and she says "I just saw something" and we dive into that section and for the life of her, she can't find it. She comtinues to look and I start pulling out random fabrics, just to look at them. I land on this amazing swatch - my heart skips a beat, then 2 beats! And I remembered, this moment is what it's all about. My visceral reaction to the fabric, imagining it in various patterns, coming down a runway and a gasp from the crowd, then fade to black...I LOVE IT!!!!

You won't be able to appreciate it until you see it in its full glory!

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