Sunday, June 10, 2012

Get creative/productive or Go out/party....

Started Saturday with an inspirational yoga practice, followed by Zumba (which I'm feeling in my glutes now). Then, lunch with a great friend. Walked through the bbq festival on Madison Ave., got a manicure, walked to soho and back to flatiron. Found a necklace which will look stunning going down the runway to accentuate my line...

It's usually on weekend afternoons that I'm lost with what to do for the rest of the day and this is the dilemma I face most weekends....

The weather outside is delightful,
but there's much work to be done, its frightful.
The choices I make right now will decide
Whether my business thrives, if it thrives, if it thrives!

Seems like an easy decision - but how many of us would really stay in on a beautiful Saturday night instead of going to an associate's art show, then a concert, then drinks. I wactually would have gone, except that she sent the invite out 2 days before it was happening. And since last weekend was lost in Long Island, this weekend I need to buckle down and navigate how, with who, where I'm going to network and get the attention of trade publications, fashion buyers, etc.
So I stayed in last night, ordered some ribs and networked with a childhood friend. The answer to a few dilemmas were revealed to me. Now - I have a fit model, I discovered where and when my next and big networking focus will be, this coming week (thank goodness I stopped off and got that manicure today). All good things to come!

My dress inspiration for this week is below, I'll be wearing it soon - so stay tuned for my blog comparing how it looked on me vs how it looks below...

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  1. That dress is fabulous..take pics and post on your blog so we can see how your whole ensemble looks...Sorry I love to see how people put together their outfit choices...enjoy its a beautiful dress!