Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fabric Shopping....

..turns out it's like shopping for anything else, if you're specific! I had the forethought to go online and see the various offerings. I loved this color/fabric combination, wanted this fabric in that color, took down item numbers, etc. I know I'm short on time, and need to make sure I have everything I need for 1 to 3 dresses.

When I walk in, all that goes out of the window. Imagine going into a warehouse sale with merchandise on top of mechandise, for 3 floors (like great adventures on steroids - overwhelming); like the shoe department at Macy's on steroids, again overwhelming.

I check in my bag, proceed to the first associate I see and ask for a certain fabric - he tells me, well it's not here its on another floor, and seems like he's trying to deter me. I maintain my sunny disposition and go to said floor, tell another associate what I'm looking for - he points me to this and that direction, I'm unable to find it. Finally, he says I should wait and speak to another associate (it appeared to me he was the most kowledgeable of all the staff). I whip out my item numbers, he says "oh, what's online is from the warehouse, we don't usually have those in stores". We manage to find 1 which is in store and its nothing like I imagined.

After that I say to myself, okay let's end this visit and dub it as recon - checking out the lay of the land and regroup for a buying visit. I go back 2 days later and what works is walking around and becoming 1 with the place and being visually stimulated by what I see. I land in the area for the fabric for my 1st dress, pick it up. Move to the trim, pick them out and within 45 minutes I had everything for the first dress...sorry, I'm not posting pics until the finished product, but below is an image of the fabric store I visited...

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