Friday, June 22, 2012

Single and mingling...

We all have so many experiences being single, liking, dating, that I know I don't have to go into much detail about it, but the name of the blog does have Single in, let's talk about it! Imagine a rough few years, oh who are we kidding, a rough lifetime on the dating scene. But a particularly tough breakup a few years ago and all that comes with that. Like the idea, which I'm deathly afraid, that I'll never "fancy" another man again. (I use fancy because there's no english word which sums up kind of liking/being interested in someone, so "fancy" it is)

Cut to Sunday a quiet, bright sunny evening with plenty people picnicking in the park. I make plans to meet a friend at a restaurant I heard about and have been curious to try. I open a wooden door -seems like an entrance to a cave as its on a slope, somewhat dark and hidden,  - there can't possibly be anyone here. I push through another wooden door, with a glass paneling - I believe. No one there - are you kidding me, it's like a speakeasy, crowded as can be - see below!

Don't be fooled, this place can pack 'em in!!

Bustling, lots of people around the door, lots of people at tables (and there are very few tables, this is a tiny joint, super tough to get reservations because of that). I know my party is going to be late, I'm thinking "I really don't want to look like the loser in the corner who nobody pays attention to". I speak to the hostess, she looks over at the bartender "table for 1 who is going to be 2".

Somehow there's this open spot in a sea of people and he hints for me to sit here and we'll figure out the seating when my party gets there. Done and done, as I shimmy on in between 2 gentleman. The man to my right looks at the bartender and says "perfect addition, introducing a beautiful woman into the mix". He's married and visiting from Cali, so its not him! The man to my left, was on holiday from Australia with his girlfriend but they had a falling out and she's on her way back home. So, definitely not him.

It's the man behind the bar who has the task of gracefully ensuring everyone is seated, en route to be seated; drinking, en route to a drink; having a good time, entertaining everyone, making sure we're all comfortable. It was amazing! With a thick accent, and the aura of Pat Riley coaching from the sidelines in his Armani suit the night was one of the best I've had in a long time. And I learned that all is not lost for the SingleFashionGirlinNyc, I can and will fancy someone again.

Below is the delicious dessert I shared with my friend, who arrived a bit later, and the lonely Aussie!


  1. wow...that dessert looks delicious! now i'm hungry!!

  2. Interesting story. Though I can relate, unfortunately so. Which is why I've accepted my place in this world as a "PROFESSIONAL DATER".

  3. Oh wait... Just hit me as film as I hit "submit"...

    Would that make me an "ESCORT"?

  4. Hardly, that would make you still in search of the right one!

  5. very inspiring text, I think everyone has the problem of feeling like they will never fancy someone else again, but it sure will happen after time:)
    xx Kate

  6. ooOooo where is this place? That souffle looks amazing!! haha