Saturday, May 12, 2012

Work Upheaval

Last Monday I walk into work, expecting to tackle my Monday morning reports and analyzing the prior week's business highs and lows! A senior account person had resigned so I stopped by her desk and talk to her a little bit. Then my supervisor asks me to step into one of the empty offices, that she needs to speak with me. She drops the bombshell which rocks my week, after 6 years she's leaving the company.

I had a feeling she was interviewing, all the "I'm coming in late this morning", "I have to take the baby to a doctor's appointment", but I was hoping it was all in my head. Although our relationship wasn't smooth from the start, when I was hired she was a Senior member of the team but not my supervisor and was sort of dismissive, but when she became my supervisor my job was made a thousand times more seamless. She had been there 5+ years and knew how to navigate the politics so there weren't any unrealistic requests, etc.

With her announcement I saw all projects being delayed 3 hours again, because our supervisor will be in CA - just so much back and forth kills all momentum getting anything approved so it feels like pulling teeth.

Typical me, I started playing out all these scenarios in my head ad cringing, stressing about what is about to happen before it happens.

Anyhow the shear terror has paalyzed me last week - so this week I need to go at my plans with no holds barred tenacity....stay tuned!


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