Saturday, May 19, 2012

White before Memorial Day and A List

So, now I get why Anna Wintour and the fashion giants instituted the rule that we shouldn't where white except from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend!! Truth is, white accentuates every last nook & cranny on your body, which you wish were invisible. How do I know, you ask? I wore white tonight May 19th (check out pic of how it should fit, the darker pic is how it fit on me. Granted it was after short ribs, duck shepherd's pie, glass of rose, complimentar glass of champagne and 2 glasses of port). I'm about 2-3 weeks worth of exercising away from getting them under control!

Many, many exciting things happening. But for a quick blog tonight, we'll stick with me and my friend Susan (who is starting a t-shirt company) dining at Balthazar, our 2nd time in 3 weeks and they put us on the Alist  (you get a special number to call and are able to get reservations at a prime eating time, like 7:30ish). Instead of standing at the bar with a drinks, waiting with everyone else!! So between there, Pastis and Schiller's - we're on the Alist - go us! The first of many good things which will continue to come our way!!


  1. I honestly prefer how the white dress compliments the curve on the lower photo. Though you might want to cut down on your serving of Port.

  2. LOL... (SMH) Well I guess I can't agrue with that logic. But with your taste be prepared to add another week of excerise in.

  3. Onl if you're offering to be my exercise partner!!