Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bumps up ahead...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Anything that 's worth it is difficult! On and on...so as I inhale left overs for lunch at my desk and write on this dreary, rainy Tuesday.

April ended on a good note - got everything on my checklist accomplished. Looking at May's list is a bit daunting, especially the patternmaking, grading part of it.

So, last Thursday I'm sitting at my desk contemplating whether to go check out this one last guy or not. Then some of the girls at work started with this phony, friendly chatter. I rolled my eyes, put on my coat and went to pound the pavement! And it turned out to be a very good meeting. He actually asked me questions and didn't assume I was a flake, like what I do/want to do for my line, size range, etc. He has a slightly ulterior motive and asked me to throw some business his way from my current company. I tell him they do everything in another state, and I analyze numbers so those decisions aren't mine to make ...sorry!

But he knew what he was talking about, seemed very knowledgeable about the process, etc. I'm not as afraid of the process anymore.

So, I ask him what will I need to get samples and patterns made - he prints out a sheet and ls me I need to fill it with fabric information, styling so say it's a dress,on 1 page I need to write down the fabric, if its an intricate dress 1 side for the right front, 1 side for the let front, same for the back, each sleeve, details for the collar, so on 1 page there could be 6 images - like a multidimensional visual of the dress. He said probably the first one I do we'd work on together, then when I get a feel for it I could do the others myself. I feel very confident in his abilities and he gave me a true pricing sheet, and said that whatever's on the sheet, he usually charges less - but it's a guideline. It felt good to have a baseline knowledge of what I'll need.

It's daunting because I've narrowed down the dresses and jumpers I want, but I haven't gotten into specific fabric, just general ideas of how I'd like everything to look...that's my biggest May hurdle - I'm giving myself to Friday to mull over and decide what I'm going to make, the first 7 items of my line, 4 dresses and 3 jumpers.....

Lucky number 7 here I come!!

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