Friday, May 25, 2012

First Time Oysters....

Why is this a big deal, you ask? Growing up with parents from the Islands, our food was always very well done, raw food was not anywhere near our radar. Well, last night for the first time, I had an oyster!!

All day long my friend Susan has been telling me she's meeting up with friends at the Dream hotel for drinks and that I should come. Earlier with the rain and thunder, I say not happening. Then after my fav pizza and beer, I start looking at my closet, what would I wear. I pull together a fun outfit (7 for All Mankind Denim Dress, tan crocodile print blazer from BCBG, Frye mahogany boots - a bit western meets city casual cool) that's when I make the decision to meet up with her! I feel like that's how I make most of my decisions to go out, if I can back into a good outfit, I'm there! I finally meet her friend NanAma - who I always hear about, and another friend of hers John, a very savvy finance pro!

The Dream Hotel in Meatpacking - other than complete overkill on security guards who have more attitude than patrons, really couldn't get a read on it or what to make of it. It's the Thursday before a holiday weekend. Usually all native New Yorkers are out, but this just felt like a mix of out of towners, some foreigners, some wanna be fabulous overtanned blonde's, there was a woman in a red Herve Leger dress (I have the same dress in Navy). Turns out they were setting up for a Maxim Hot 100 event and that could be why security was heavy.

We end up at Balthazar (because Susan's addicted to the Shepherd's Pie) the normal Maitr D' who knows us isn't there and the new guy seats us in the bar area, hidden away from everything - we don't like it at first. But we'll be served the same food and it's fine, really! The floor manager who put us on the Alist, Robert, and another manager who recognizes us comes over, hugs & kisses fly around and we're treated like royalty. He brings out complimentary glasses of champagne, followed by complimentary raw bar starters which includes the oysters. I decide since I've never had them, I'm going to be adventurous and try it.
On Susan's advice I add lemon, an olive oil and red onion mixture to it, slurp it from the shell. It's so gelatinous, the flavor is not half bad thanks to the stuff I added then NanAma says just swallow, so I grimace a bit and finally manage a swallow..I did it!

The rest of our meal, brandade de morue croquettes, shepherd's pie and lamb tbone steaks, and fries, with which he brings complimentary red wine. Followed by, yup you guessed it, complimentary desserts. 
Needless to say we were all on eating well plans, etc., that kind of went out the door yesterday. But today's a new day and we'll do better today.

Dessert from Balthazar..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rainy NYC Day Shoes...

Ever notice when it rains in the morning all the girls are lined up on the subway platforms with their rain boots, raincoats and hats on. Then when it stops raining during the day and the sky actually clears up, they're bags are stuffed but they're wearing sky high heels. Know why? It's because we decided to take out our most street friendly shoes (from the stash of office only shoes we keep at our desks) to look fashionable, instead of wearing the clunky rainboots.

I fell victim to this yesterday, but I had a pair of non sky high heels at my desk, and wore them from work, out. Only thing is they are very narrow and pinched every inch of my feet (I'm considering donating them so I'm not tempted to wear them again). I had various errands to do so I was walking around for an hour and a half in these things. Needless to say when I put on a narrow pair of wedges this am my feet were not happy. I leave the apartment and get to the 2nd landing of steps and ask myself, "how about wearing those roomy gold wedges that I love, because if I'm suffering now, its going to be a very long day"..up I went, and on went the gold wedges....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

White before Memorial Day and A List

So, now I get why Anna Wintour and the fashion giants instituted the rule that we shouldn't where white except from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend!! Truth is, white accentuates every last nook & cranny on your body, which you wish were invisible. How do I know, you ask? I wore white tonight May 19th (check out pic of how it should fit, the darker pic is how it fit on me. Granted it was after short ribs, duck shepherd's pie, glass of rose, complimentar glass of champagne and 2 glasses of port). I'm about 2-3 weeks worth of exercising away from getting them under control!

Many, many exciting things happening. But for a quick blog tonight, we'll stick with me and my friend Susan (who is starting a t-shirt company) dining at Balthazar, our 2nd time in 3 weeks and they put us on the Alist  (you get a special number to call and are able to get reservations at a prime eating time, like 7:30ish). Instead of standing at the bar with a drinks, waiting with everyone else!! So between there, Pastis and Schiller's - we're on the Alist - go us! The first of many good things which will continue to come our way!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Work Upheaval

Last Monday I walk into work, expecting to tackle my Monday morning reports and analyzing the prior week's business highs and lows! A senior account person had resigned so I stopped by her desk and talk to her a little bit. Then my supervisor asks me to step into one of the empty offices, that she needs to speak with me. She drops the bombshell which rocks my week, after 6 years she's leaving the company.

I had a feeling she was interviewing, all the "I'm coming in late this morning", "I have to take the baby to a doctor's appointment", but I was hoping it was all in my head. Although our relationship wasn't smooth from the start, when I was hired she was a Senior member of the team but not my supervisor and was sort of dismissive, but when she became my supervisor my job was made a thousand times more seamless. She had been there 5+ years and knew how to navigate the politics so there weren't any unrealistic requests, etc.

With her announcement I saw all projects being delayed 3 hours again, because our supervisor will be in CA - just so much back and forth kills all momentum getting anything approved so it feels like pulling teeth.

Typical me, I started playing out all these scenarios in my head ad cringing, stressing about what is about to happen before it happens.

Anyhow the shear terror has paalyzed me last week - so this week I need to go at my plans with no holds barred tenacity....stay tuned!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bumps up ahead...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Anything that 's worth it is difficult! On and as I inhale left overs for lunch at my desk and write on this dreary, rainy Tuesday.

April ended on a good note - got everything on my checklist accomplished. Looking at May's list is a bit daunting, especially the patternmaking, grading part of it.

So, last Thursday I'm sitting at my desk contemplating whether to go check out this one last guy or not. Then some of the girls at work started with this phony, friendly chatter. I rolled my eyes, put on my coat and went to pound the pavement! And it turned out to be a very good meeting. He actually asked me questions and didn't assume I was a flake, like what I do/want to do for my line, size range, etc. He has a slightly ulterior motive and asked me to throw some business his way from my current company. I tell him they do everything in another state, and I analyze numbers so those decisions aren't mine to make ...sorry!

But he knew what he was talking about, seemed very knowledgeable about the process, etc. I'm not as afraid of the process anymore.

So, I ask him what will I need to get samples and patterns made - he prints out a sheet and ls me I need to fill it with fabric information, styling so say it's a dress,on 1 page I need to write down the fabric, if its an intricate dress 1 side for the right front, 1 side for the let front, same for the back, each sleeve, details for the collar, so on 1 page there could be 6 images - like a multidimensional visual of the dress. He said probably the first one I do we'd work on together, then when I get a feel for it I could do the others myself. I feel very confident in his abilities and he gave me a true pricing sheet, and said that whatever's on the sheet, he usually charges less - but it's a guideline. It felt good to have a baseline knowledge of what I'll need.

It's daunting because I've narrowed down the dresses and jumpers I want, but I haven't gotten into specific fabric, just general ideas of how I'd like everything to look...that's my biggest May hurdle - I'm giving myself to Friday to mull over and decide what I'm going to make, the first 7 items of my line, 4 dresses and 3 jumpers.....

Lucky number 7 here I come!!