Monday, April 23, 2012

April Deadlines...

Submitting the paperwork for my company, check! Setting up my website, check! Those were my goals for April and I've accomplished them...I feel so energized to see everything coming to fruition, it's surreal.

Since I have 1 week left until the end of the month I need to get a jump on May's goals, I'll share them as I go through them...more interesting that way, I think!

This weekend was busy....starting with Wednesday night, I got my hair done, by Sophia - by far the best hairstylist I have come across, and I've gone through MANY. A little trim and I went jet black (part of my image revamp). I'm loving it, I feel like a femme fatale (watch out world)!

Thursday I went to an NYU awards luncheon with Susan and Marcella, it was to honor Alan Greenspan (served as head of the federal reserve under Clinton and Bush, and partly responsible for the housing crisis we're in, but I'm still a fan), as well as a few others - this woman who had her family slain in the Rwanda Hutu and Tutsi genocide (her story was so touching, I want to contact her organization).

After the lunch, Marclla and I shared a bottle of wine at the Plaza hotel lobby bar, walked down 5th av, a little buzzed. She headed to Ct for her storeset and I headed to pilates at 4pm, very buzzed - but it felt amazing. Then I met with Chrissie to get my final sketches and we had more wine and some food at Eataly and talked about my next steps and what she's doing. Her new job is keeping her very busy and she's enjoying it...(The headhunter guy has the nerve to email me, "don't you return phone calls" and I write "I'm better on email, what's up?" no answer, I hope that's the end of that)

Friday - a quiet day, went to work then my meeting.

Saturday - was thinking of going for a run but wasn't feeling it. So I went to the 9am urban rebound class at the gym, it's doing moves on a mini trampouline (very fun and what a workout). Then home to decide what to do next....decided I'd take the 1:15pm train to Long Island, went to my parents', my mum was cooking - I love the smell of the house when she cooks. We go over to my sister's home, where my 3rd sister was staying, all the girls together again - we're an, opinionated and vocal lot...I love it!!

Then on the train back to NYC, I make it well before the rain starts. Sunday, no rain and I feel good so I go running....Pilates and my new sneakers enhanced my Sunday run - it fely like I'm running on air. The girl who I passed way back in mile 3 finally catches up with and passes me at mile 6, because I wasn't focusing...but it's on for next Sunday. I finish my run just as the rain starts and take the subway home. Then another meeting Sunday, after my run...Then home to setup my website (which you already know I did)

Monday at work, needless to say I'm wiped and have nothing left, mentally for work. But I get through it and look forward to conquering Tuesday...

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