Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zarina T. and Chopping...

I've been having a "Meantime" experience (lookup Iyanla and you'll know what I mean) and had misplaced my voice. Early November to mid December is always a trying one for me! Maybe because it's my birth month and I'm always taking stock of where I am vs my goal for the year, in all areas of my life. I must say, I've faired well and now the voice is back!!

There's a saying "if your right hand is causing you to stumble, chop it off! Better for you to lose one hand than your entire soul"! So after much reflection, in the last couple of days I have had some chopping to do.

I had the pleasure of attending an album release party for the Grammy nominated Zarina Taylor Tuesday night, and she thoroughly inspired me! Not only was she charismatic and owned the stage but her songs were full of messages. What resonated to me was to deliver myself from the harmful "meantime" experiences and get my head back in the game. She is a lovely, curvy young lady who attended my fashion debut in September. Needless to say we will be collaborating for future events, but were not able to for this event (my own fault)!! Below are some images of us, check her out, she's R&B, hip hop, & reggae!

Below are images of us at my show, and a gorgeous, shot of Zarina alone. Her style: modern, sexy, and fresh. I'm really looking forward to our collaboration!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Curvy Girl's Storm Survival Guide to Dressing...

As we look back on a crazy week of survival and the necessities of life, in the aftermath of Sandy, I'm sure many will put fashion at the very bottom of the list!

I was fortunate enough to only lose power during the storm, which made it necessary for me to grab a few things together and head to my closest friend's place, close to 100 blocks away, uptown in Harlem. Since I work in fashion, I have to be fashionable! Needless to say I was not going to schlep to my dark apartment each day, bring a new outfit uptown and have a 2 hour bus ride (although I did do this for 2 days)! Nor was I going to pack 6 bags worth of clothing, accessories, etc and takeover her place.

What's a girl to do!!! Since the power was scheduled to be out for 4 days, I picked and packed 5 of my most favorite and flattering bottoms, 6 tops which are classic (think 2 turtlenecks black and navy, a couple v necks red and navy, a stripe boatneck navy and white). And those were my outfits.

Since they are all favorite items I knew I would be comfortable, which is key; stylish, another key and I could be confident in what I'm wearing even though I was not confident about how long a commute I'd have, or when the electricity would come back on. Again, fashion not such a huge necessity, but it is a very little thing you can control among many big thins beyond your control!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hustle and show???

What happens after the show? Very similar to the Bravo specials, After the Show, where each housewife hustles to get into kick butt shape and launch a book, workout video, a clothing line, etc...Welcome to my life, post fashion show!

True, I do get to circulate a bit more! No more hovering over samples, pouring over fabrics - for the time being - and working well until the morning to make my Sept 8th show deadline. Contrary to popular belief, buyers do not hand you orders after a show. There is a lot of follow up and walking them through the line, how it will work well with the current vendors on their floor, and much much more.

This, along with contacting more press is my focus for this week/month. As well as getting my News12 coverage more buzz. Lookout for it on youtube, my website and the blog...

Monday, September 10, 2012

After the Show....

"Houston, we have lift off"

Think of all the footage we see when a space shuttle launches, all the personnel at mission control who dedicated their lives for the past year to make that happen erupt into applause and hug one another because they did it, they had lift off...that's how I feel about my collection, I have lift off!

During the show everyone kept saying it's so calm backstage, you're very calm! Well, a couple of weeks before the show I embarked on the chopra center 21 day meditation challenge and a month of yoga. I approached the show with a ton of gratitude that I have the ability and support to do so, and a ton of humility (an open heart and mind) because there are so many moving parts and variables, I knew that some were out of my control and I accept that, let it lead me where it may......which was to a Rocking Show!!

There was music, coffee, food, clothes, shoes, jewelry, models (sometimes naked), makeup people (thank you celebrity makeup artist Nil Muir) and hair people. A news 12 camera crew was there, I will let everyone know when the story will air!

Everything they say about a fashion show is true, true, true! Backstage is fun, glamorous, palpable energy, such an adrenaline rush.

Thank you to all for macking it happen. A pic of me and my models...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Show Time....

This will be my last blog entry until after the show, I look forward to seeing you all there...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fashion Week Bug...

So, with 4 days and 20 hours until my show and soo many things up in the air, Labor Day weekend was a mixed bag of enjoyable time off from work and frenetic thinking and rethinking. So much so that I believe I have caught a fashion week bug....

What am I going to do about it, oh nothing but try and catch up on some sleep - get some lemon and drink my favorite tea with lemon and honey.

My webpage has been redesigned, and will proabaly need a redesign after the show...

My very first press release has been sent and is being picked up, here and there. It's all coming together! It's just that 10-15% of things that I won't be able to control that are giving me pause. But in the meantime there's fashion's night out to look forward to! I think I'm going to the Mary Alice Stephenson party - I'm just obsessed with her lately...

Monday, August 27, 2012

"Who has time....."

"But how can you ever have time, if you never take time"? One of my favorite quotes from the movie Matrix - cut to a set of albino, rastafari twins who are smoking up, nodding their head in agreement after their creator espouses this great wisdom!

This weekend I took the time to go out to Long Island and meet with one of my models. She's a mom of 3, and only 5 months ago gave birth to her youngest! Now, she's not a mega A-Lister who is able to go into hiding for 3 months and re emerge in her former size 2 self. She's a kindergarten teacher, a wife, a mother, working to provide for her family and she's an Alister to them.

One of the dresses I got back on Sunday looked just amazing on her!! We came out of her bedroom, showed an investor - who I made the trip with, showed her husband, both of whom said she looked amazing. And she said, "this is on my to buy list when the line comes out next Spring, I feel amazing in it"!

And that is why I designed this line of clothing. To empower mothers who may not be an Alist star, by Hollywood standards but are the Stars in their kids' lives, with affordable clothing options which celebrate their shape and enstill in them the confidence to tackle whatever comes their way!
Below are myself adjusting the collr of the dress on her, and below is me trying on another of my dresses...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's Mantra....

"The easier you get it the less you appreciate it." Borrowed from an old high school then college classmate's  facebook post...

The last few nights have been sleepless - which have rendered me groggy the past 3 nights. Which has left
me unable to get up for my morning runs and uninspired throughout the days...

Am I going to let this keep me down and from pursuing my dream 1000%? Absolutely not!! "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it" my year mantra!  I knew when I came up with the idea of my line of dresses and jumpers las year that I would have to fight for it...not let the naysayers get into my head, shirk off the negative vibe of the pessimistic, and get over some of my own shortcomings. And I have come a long way from that!

Things in my favor - absolute tenacity and belief in myself! No one can take that and I will not allow it to be stifled.

The reason I love fashion is because of the transforming effect of clothing. It's like a suit of armor. For me it has the tranforming effect of instilling confidence, perseverence, and authority. I said this to an old friend, my former gym instructor, and he said really - when I met you I assumed you were a confident, self-assured, person. Little did he know, I doubted myself a lot and tried to make everyone else happy!

But I have found my voice, in my clothing line, and I am convinced that it is the correct voice. Undeterred, I forge ahead into the unknown next 2 weeks until my fashion show, certain that I will emerge on the other side, victorious!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Curvy Style tip of the week....small stripes!!

I am obsessed with stripes, if worn correctly, these can minimize flaws (like a non 6 pack mid section, which most of us contend with)....There are about 2 to 5 dresses in my collection which will be of striped fabric, in varying colors...

Thin stripes, preferably work vertically have a very slimming, flattering effect. Let's take a cue from the First Lady (hence First Curvy Lady) Michelle Obama in a very flattering stripe dress, the always fashionable Jackie O in stripes (not that she needed to look slimmer), the beautiful Vanessa Williams in an updated striped dress, and also a dress which I purchased close to 10 years ago and wore out a month ago and got so many compliments on, as well as the post on ruching where that dress was also striped!!  Wear your stripes and be proud....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fashion Show & Fashion's Night Out....

Are you ready? Are you ready?

OMG - I thought week 2 of August was crazy! There's so much happening up to the leadup to September - Fashion week (September 6-13, for those of you unsuspecting fashionistas). It's doubly thrilling for me, because my collection will show Saturday September 8th (tentative).

I'm running around getting samples, tweaking them so that they're as nearly perfect as possible to show! Inspired by my mom and all curvy women everywhere who are wardrobe challenged because of the lack of assortment out there...

Below is the link to the NYC fashion's night out schedule, start planning your stops...

Tops on my list is to see the legendary Grace Coddington, love her flaming red hair!!

•Balenciaga has teamed up with the coolest Vogue editor of them all (Grace Coddington of course!) for a limited edition of accessories featuring sketches of her cat, Pumpkin. And wherever Grace goes, you should probably follow.

W basketball star Dwayne Wade at last year's Fashions Night Out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thank goodness for Ruching

This week's big style tip is Ruching, a french term meaning to gather. When done right the effects are tantamount to Spanx, well almost! When choosing a dress with ruching, really it should be at least semi fitted, if its too big - it will just look like drapey fabric and remember my saying "you don't put a cury girl in a big dress"!!

If you're having a really off day (like you binged on pasta, beer and friens the night before) and want to get into that Ruched dress the next day - wear spanx underneath a ruched dress for a guaranteed slim down!

Below are some images of Ruching done well and my own pic in the black and grey dress of Ruching done semi right (I did have wine, bear, fries and bratwurst sausage last night)..

Bey in bold red ruching, not long after having her baby!
Queen L in purple ruching

Gorgeous sold out asos top!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 Weeks Til Fashion Week...

and loving it! I'm getting samples in, more fabric shopping, I have my event space narrowed down - everything is really coming together!

A few side notes: Don't you love wearing a wow outfit and feeling it, waiting on line at starbucks and noticing the other girls wearing bland tan, nude boring colors checking you out. And if you don't notice, the tell tale sign is them playing with their hair (as this is the only thing which they can change right then and so they try)!! I especially love dressing up in rainy days. Today's outfit is a repeat so I will not bore you with a repeat pic...

Instead, below is a pic of a woman who's thoughts I try and encapsulate every day, whether it be the morning as I'm walking and correcting my posture, the kind of integrity I want to bring to my clothing line, being true to the vision I have and not compromising on what my gut tells me....

The Queen Bee of fashion...

Understated and happy

Hating the cameras

So serious and posh!

tired but smiling?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Samples, yoga and jumpers...

I am very inspired by jumpers, below are very sassy looks - which I adore!

I've been quiet of late. Mainly because I'm picking up and dropping off patterns to be graded today. Then I'm going fabric shopping to get at least 4 more dresses made. After that, off to the sample maker to get them made! As well as picking up 2 to 3 samples, I'm always anxious that they will not turn out how I specified, but I've been pleasantly surprised - so we will go with that! Fabric shopping is the most fun of the processes, as it is like actual shopping -

This morning I wake up to check and make sure that my favorite yoga instructor is indeed leading the class, only to see a man's name, Will in place of Jenna! I've seen this name before and I didn't take a class because of it. I shut my laptop off and think oh, I'll just go back to bed. Then I reopen it to check the weather, maybe a run, but it's a tad warmer than I like. Well, I'm already up so I hustle to yoga class. He's checking in someone, who's paying with a credit card and it takes forever! Then he gets to me, I'm all set - I have 2 classes left in my one month series.

I get into the room, but its good size class, I happed to find a good spot. There's music playing, which I don't notice until he asks if we mind to flow to music! No, one girl shouts immediately - I personally dislike having the music on, its an added unnecessary destraction. But I decide not to say anything and let the music play. Maybe I need to approach this class with humility (defined as an open heart and open mind)!

OMG, suprisingly amazing is how I describe the class. During a first sequence I sigh and he's like yeah, adjusts me a bit and smacks my's that, he says! Also, in more relaxing poses I tend to sigh with my mouth closed and he says yeah, lets all do that! Practice was intense, challenging, peaceful, calming, funny, it didn't feel like a workout at all! I will spend the rest of today truly humbled at how narrow minded I can be...and will embrace and think of what can be if I open my heart and mind!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspired by a Cutie....

Aside from saying that tomorrow is the first fitting with my model and I'm very excited about that...
I feel compelled not to write about what process I'm at.

Instead, at the company I work for now, we usually dress up for work and we all inspire one another to look our very best and in the company's latest fashions. I just adore our receptionist, she is uber cute and she's agreed to let me post some pics of her (I'm sure it's a most welcome break from seeing my pic all the time)..

Here's to everyone inspiring one another...

I feel she looks like one of Charlie's Angels, this shot has such a great retro feel...the pink shades really focus this shot!

Uber cute Free People tan dress, with the Times Square backdrop!

Very bohemian chic handkerchief meets tribal print hi-low hem dress

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Networking Functions, Meditations, Samples and more...

There is a saying "we are each living the life we want" and for me, today, I feel this is perfectly true. My friend Suse invited me to embark on the 21 day meditation challenge from the Chopra center and I happily accepted. As I have also embarked on a 1 month (I'm contemplating a 2nd month) unlimited yoga journey.

The 3 biggest mistakes people make at these events, according to the speaker, Dr. Kool (I kid you not): 1. They focus on business; 2. There is no follow up; 3. no consistency (it takes someone 8x to see an advertisement before they decide to click or act on it).

So we start our session by introducing ourselves and who we hope to meet at this event. And I give my intro about creating a line of clothing for women with curves. After the event there were sooo many people I wanted to talk with. But I gave my all not to talk about business but to actually get to know them, because that's always my process..the business will come naturally, especially if its something you love - like I love fashion.

Below is what I wore today, I bought this belt almost 2 months ago and it just never goes with anything - so i took it out today and said, I'm wearing it come hell or high water....and I got so many compliments on it...And my good friend Nan and I with a bottle of barbancourt at our fav Sunday spot...

Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Sample Time....

I know I should post pics, but I'm just not going to...September is so close, surely you can wait to see the collection until then! But they're rolling in and looking good. Onto my fit models and model search. 2 possibilities, from among friends, so far! Anyone have a curvy, beautiful friend...send them my way!

Today I'm going to rant about shoes! Very early in the summer I spotted these shoes at L&T, saw they had them online as well. And I went to the "designers" website and they were there. So, there was a good chance they wouldn't sell out of my size. A few weeks later, there was a percentage off on them and a coupon. It was still early in the season, I still was i no rush. A month and a half later, they were dicounted, plus a percentage off and a coupon...time to buy, so I did. That was early May. Today makes the 2nd time I've worn the wedges and the incline is so deceivingly steep that it feels like I'm on my tiptoes when I walk. The brand, a famous person who basically slapped their name on a line of shoes obviously developed by someone else....poor design Ivanka. Check out the culprits below...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Word "Impossible"....

If ever a word the Presidents/Vice Presidents of Sales, CEO's, Co-Founders, etc. who I've worked with in my 15 years in fashion have ever truly disliked - "Impossible" is it! One Chief Merchant stated "that's just a lazy person's way of trying to get out of doing something which will take actual work" had to love her despite comments like that, she was always impeccably put together!

Here's what happened..Tuesday July 3rd I dropped off my first sample to the samplemaker and am now in wait mode. I bought a gorgeous fabric with a tricky pattern which I want to match. The woman who runs the business takes me to the cutter, when I explain to him that I want him to cut it in a way that all the lines fall in a similar direction, he says that's not possible to do! We go back and forth and I think to myself and say to him: "ok, I can let him 'do his thing' this very first time and if it comes out well, we're in business". If not, guess what, there's another samplemaker a few buildings over which I can give my business to! I usually have a plan A, B and C. Aim for the optimal/out of the ballpark expectations and communicate as much - but know limitations/constraints and be able to adapt so that in the end the result will be no less spectacular.

I text my patternmaker that same night, as she referred that group to me and has a close relationship with them. She says she will speak to them the next day, Wednesday July 4th. (Note, the sample/pattern making people do not take July 4th off, as most of them are asian - it is not their holiday and they prefer to work through it and make money! So would I, if I had that option). She texts me by 10am on Wednesday that what I'm asking for is "impossible", ugh that word. So I say, ok I'll let him "do his thing" and "wow" me.

Doesn't look so tricky to me!

Friday July 6th when I pick it up, I will have 2 more samples to give if the first one turned out well. But, in case it doesn't I will have the same fabric for the other samplemaker to give it a try and compare/contrast. I may do this anyway, I do not like the idea of having all my eggs in 1 basket.

Below is one of the many beautiful women with curves, who inspires me! I love the old world detail of this dress!

Beautiful women come with curves!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Morning Glory...

I love the mornings! Not to say that I'm a morning person, all bubbly and giddy. Just the opposite, I like to start it off as if in a meditative state - quiet, reflecting on the tasks at hand - getting breakfast, lunch ready, dressing and making it to my desk.

It's just that I love the promise of a new day, that anything can and will happen. There are tasks and to do lists ahead, and the satisfaction of accomplishing them is nearly unparallelled.

That being said, this week is a 2 day work week for us which means I am going to be slammed at work! Then I need to meet my patternmaker at lunch, then more fabric shopping after work, then the gym to Zumba, and back home to do some more work then bed to rest up and do most of it again.

This week is also a casual week for us. So I've decided to post what is inspiring me this week. I love all things Victorian, the high collar - the corset pushing out ample bosoms. Below are images of the character Caterina Sforza on the Borgias set in 1492 Italy. The phrase that stuck with me is loosely "I'm a woman in a man's world, (behaving/living) as a man, freely and openly" This at a time when women were relegated to being givein into marriages for fortune, alliances, troops, etc. I was in awe of her energy and strength and hope to carry that with me throughout this week...

C Sforza kneeling willingly to seduce her would be captor

C Sforza flat out seducing her would be jailor

C Sforza defiantly saying "no" she will not willing kneel to the pope

CSforza in armor, proclaiming "God granted me with this with which I can have 10 more sons" as they were torturing her one son in order to convince her to give up

Friday, June 29, 2012

In mourning, but inspired

Last week I went to the wake and funeral of a good friend's mother. She passed away from complications stemming from a brain tumor, and was 2 years younger than my own mother. So, I've been imagining the passing of my own mother, not the best frame of mind to be in. I'm torn between the emotions of being in mourning and the excitement of my clothing line.

Tuesday, I went fabric shopping again. My aim was just to walk around and look at the different fabrics and just preview everything for some visual stimulation. This awesome saleswoman found me, just wandering around and asked if I needed help. I said no, then said well I was looking for "a certain" print but not on heavy wool. And she takes me to a different aisle, we get another saleswoman and she says "I just saw something" and we dive into that section and for the life of her, she can't find it. She comtinues to look and I start pulling out random fabrics, just to look at them. I land on this amazing swatch - my heart skips a beat, then 2 beats! And I remembered, this moment is what it's all about. My visceral reaction to the fabric, imagining it in various patterns, coming down a runway and a gasp from the crowd, then fade to black...I LOVE IT!!!!

You won't be able to appreciate it until you see it in its full glory!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Single and Samples...

Inspired by last Sunday's good time, I decided to return to the little speak easy tucked away on a bustling corner in the West Village. It was buzzing, vibrant and the evening ended with good food, excellent champagne and revelations!

If you thought single fashion girl's "single" status was going to change, you need not worry, as the saying goes, "The well is currently in use". Which means my fancy will remain just that, an innocent flirtation, recurring Sundays at the corner speakeasy where I know I will find interesting characters, life stories, inspiration and eye candy a plenty. Below is our group picture last night...

Enough about that! So tomorrow I get my first sample made, I'm so excited and ready for it to happen. Below are 2 muslins (which is a light fabric used by the patternmaker to compose how the garment is o be created for the samplemaker). I  may or may not post what the actual dress comes out to look like - I want to everyone curious until the unveiling at my show in September...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Single and mingling...

We all have so many experiences being single, liking, dating, that I know I don't have to go into much detail about it, but the name of the blog does have Single in, let's talk about it! Imagine a rough few years, oh who are we kidding, a rough lifetime on the dating scene. But a particularly tough breakup a few years ago and all that comes with that. Like the idea, which I'm deathly afraid, that I'll never "fancy" another man again. (I use fancy because there's no english word which sums up kind of liking/being interested in someone, so "fancy" it is)

Cut to Sunday a quiet, bright sunny evening with plenty people picnicking in the park. I make plans to meet a friend at a restaurant I heard about and have been curious to try. I open a wooden door -seems like an entrance to a cave as its on a slope, somewhat dark and hidden,  - there can't possibly be anyone here. I push through another wooden door, with a glass paneling - I believe. No one there - are you kidding me, it's like a speakeasy, crowded as can be - see below!

Don't be fooled, this place can pack 'em in!!

Bustling, lots of people around the door, lots of people at tables (and there are very few tables, this is a tiny joint, super tough to get reservations because of that). I know my party is going to be late, I'm thinking "I really don't want to look like the loser in the corner who nobody pays attention to". I speak to the hostess, she looks over at the bartender "table for 1 who is going to be 2".

Somehow there's this open spot in a sea of people and he hints for me to sit here and we'll figure out the seating when my party gets there. Done and done, as I shimmy on in between 2 gentleman. The man to my right looks at the bartender and says "perfect addition, introducing a beautiful woman into the mix". He's married and visiting from Cali, so its not him! The man to my left, was on holiday from Australia with his girlfriend but they had a falling out and she's on her way back home. So, definitely not him.

It's the man behind the bar who has the task of gracefully ensuring everyone is seated, en route to be seated; drinking, en route to a drink; having a good time, entertaining everyone, making sure we're all comfortable. It was amazing! With a thick accent, and the aura of Pat Riley coaching from the sidelines in his Armani suit the night was one of the best I've had in a long time. And I learned that all is not lost for the SingleFashionGirlinNyc, I can and will fancy someone again.

Below is the delicious dessert I shared with my friend, who arrived a bit later, and the lonely Aussie!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fabric Shopping....

..turns out it's like shopping for anything else, if you're specific! I had the forethought to go online and see the various offerings. I loved this color/fabric combination, wanted this fabric in that color, took down item numbers, etc. I know I'm short on time, and need to make sure I have everything I need for 1 to 3 dresses.

When I walk in, all that goes out of the window. Imagine going into a warehouse sale with merchandise on top of mechandise, for 3 floors (like great adventures on steroids - overwhelming); like the shoe department at Macy's on steroids, again overwhelming.

I check in my bag, proceed to the first associate I see and ask for a certain fabric - he tells me, well it's not here its on another floor, and seems like he's trying to deter me. I maintain my sunny disposition and go to said floor, tell another associate what I'm looking for - he points me to this and that direction, I'm unable to find it. Finally, he says I should wait and speak to another associate (it appeared to me he was the most kowledgeable of all the staff). I whip out my item numbers, he says "oh, what's online is from the warehouse, we don't usually have those in stores". We manage to find 1 which is in store and its nothing like I imagined.

After that I say to myself, okay let's end this visit and dub it as recon - checking out the lay of the land and regroup for a buying visit. I go back 2 days later and what works is walking around and becoming 1 with the place and being visually stimulated by what I see. I land in the area for the fabric for my 1st dress, pick it up. Move to the trim, pick them out and within 45 minutes I had everything for the first dress...sorry, I'm not posting pics until the finished product, but below is an image of the fabric store I visited...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Networking, Networking.....

Thursday started off with my being torn whether to go to the full figured fashion week show at Bloom or go fabric shopping again. I invited a "full figured" former co-worler (who couldn't make it) and decided I definitely need to see what is out there and being offered for that customer versus what I'm producing. My current company has a selling manager and she happened to be on the floor and was just finishing her shift, so we watched the show together. And unfortunately what was being modeled was basic and uninspiring!

I was more inspired by the women in the audience who were in vibrant colors, wearing fitting dresses, putting their fashion best forward! It absolutely validated my direction! After the show, we decide to grab a bite, our first time ever being social outside of work functions, so there was a lot of ground to cover.

During dinner, the friend who couldn't make it texts me that there's an event she's at and if I'm still out I should drop by. I do and it turns out its a preview party for a new event space in the fashion district. Wednesday night I was networking with someone about event space for my show, but this place would be absolutely perfect for it, talk about being at the right place at the right time. I spoke with the venue owner, got pricing, started to plant seeds with him, because I am going to have it there.

There was a professional photographer taking pictures outside on the rooftop with a slight summer breeze, I felt so inspired to do a yoga pose. Below is the image, I felt so ethereal doing it - it's called a bound, side angle...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Not the best outfit, but they can't all be winners....

Since I stayed in on Saturday night, Sunday night I did go out. The designer I collaborated with on some of my designs, is also a friend and an artist. She was hosting a 2nd show. I missed the first, and I just couldn't miss this one - as I wanted to see what else inspires her! Also, I needed a sounding board for some of the ideas swirling around in my head. THis was as much social as it was business, I'm learning to not go out just to go out but always with the purpose of networking!

Of course, as I get into Ditmas Brooklyn it starts to rain and they had taken down the art. (I am late to everything: last child of 6, I'm sure if I ask my mom I was late out of the womb, I'll do everything late in life and I like it). So we stay out late for a Sunday, I get in around 12:30am. Drinks, talking, eating - it was just what I needed as I headed out to shop for fabric this week!

So, I usually buy tops in multiple colors because its just so hard to find the right one! Sunday I put together this really cute navy pant and navy with grey tunic. Today I wore the orange combo I bought in it and realized, it makes me look bigger than I am! Since this blog is about fashion do's and don'ts...below is my don't and how it looked on the model!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Get creative/productive or Go out/party....

Started Saturday with an inspirational yoga practice, followed by Zumba (which I'm feeling in my glutes now). Then, lunch with a great friend. Walked through the bbq festival on Madison Ave., got a manicure, walked to soho and back to flatiron. Found a necklace which will look stunning going down the runway to accentuate my line...

It's usually on weekend afternoons that I'm lost with what to do for the rest of the day and this is the dilemma I face most weekends....

The weather outside is delightful,
but there's much work to be done, its frightful.
The choices I make right now will decide
Whether my business thrives, if it thrives, if it thrives!

Seems like an easy decision - but how many of us would really stay in on a beautiful Saturday night instead of going to an associate's art show, then a concert, then drinks. I wactually would have gone, except that she sent the invite out 2 days before it was happening. And since last weekend was lost in Long Island, this weekend I need to buckle down and navigate how, with who, where I'm going to network and get the attention of trade publications, fashion buyers, etc.
So I stayed in last night, ordered some ribs and networked with a childhood friend. The answer to a few dilemmas were revealed to me. Now - I have a fit model, I discovered where and when my next and big networking focus will be, this coming week (thank goodness I stopped off and got that manicure today). All good things to come!

My dress inspiration for this week is below, I'll be wearing it soon - so stay tuned for my blog comparing how it looked on me vs how it looks below...