Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another year older.....

I spent the evening having an early dinner with my good friend Jamie, who is with child..she just looked absolutely radiant, calm, happy - I truly envy her, to have found love and to be carrying a new life. I'm not comparing myself, because we are all very different and are on different paths. But I would like to be in her state of grace, in the near future.

In 22 minutes and counting i'll be another year older - and until just a moment ago I thought none the wiser, but that's not true.

I've learned plenty:

I am a great, loyal friend...
I can be an emotional basket case

I love being in great shape i.e yoga, zumba, running
I love to eat and can ruin a healthy stint with the most non nutritious foods

I am an eternal romantic
I have to protect my heart and not give so freely/believe so easily

I am ambitious
But I also let fear hinder me

But no more, this is no longer a year of no fear - but a lifetime of no fear. not fearing anyone or anything.

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