Monday, October 24, 2011

The Love of Your Life...

A freidn of my roommate's came over Saturday night, had dinner and drinks with us at our apartment and we got on the subject of true love. He said that he and the love of his life broke up because he did not want to move with her when she was offered a position across the crountry. This led me to my question, was she the love of his life? We got into a huge, long discussion about it and I'm still at the same conclusion I was at when we started - obviously she wasn't the love of his life....

This is going to be a bit embarassing as I'm going to recount the silly things I've done for the love of my life, as I believe nothing is off limits...

Lose weight - I was once told that if I lost about 10 lbs, I'd be great - talk about a complex. But I was over where I should be at that time, so thank you.

Thought about a nose job
Asked a friend to tell him I liked him
I've gotten weaves
Changed my hair color
Changed my wardrobe
Left my parents' home, long time friends
Celebrated a holiday, which I never had before

The list goes on and on but I won't, I'll stop there because it just seems so sad that we women will do anything for someone we feel is the love of our life and a man won't consider moving, doesn't sound like they were meant to be.