Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashion Week....

No, I haven't abandoned my blog

It's fashion week, tomorrow is Fashion's Night Out and I am no even excited because my other pregnant friend had a doctor's appointment scheduled and can't make the events - not that I blame her..who wants to go out and be elbow to elbow with all the wannabe fashionista's in Manhattan - ugh, desperate women in search of attention and celebrity sightings. Last year I did meet Tom Ford - but that's different, he's my inspiration. And I found what has become my favorite lipstick, in his collection. Last year you had to make a cosmetic purchase to be able to get his signature. So I bought it and can't live without it now!

This year, it seems I'm mandated to go to a dept store hosting an event for the brand I work least I have a plan B. And I used to work at L&T so I know the lay of the land, plus Solange Knowles is supposed to be there - maybe Beyonce will pop in!! Afterwards, I'm heading to Soho to my favorite under the radar designer, want to talk about a fabulous trench coat - checkout - beautifully tailored clothing, but its little known in the US.

Tomorrow morning is my company's fashion show - and my boss is in from CA with all of Upper Management - so it always feels more stressful, like all eyes are watching, but they're not..not really!

Then Friday night my wing girl Lisa and I are attending Vanity Fair's Fashion in Film festival kickoff - with a movie at 8:30pm, and a dress to impress theme - I'm excited - a first fashion film festival, I'm sure it'll be smaller this year and large next year - quite like Fashion's Night Out. Then there's another fashion movie on Saturday - with Liz Taylor and Michael Caine that I really want to see - can't quite figure out who to invite to see it with me. But so much for going to this year's US Open, unless it runs to next week - with all the rain we're getting and more to come - I'm hoping it is moved!
My latest issue, being the youngest/last of 5 or 7 - I consider it my prerogative to take as much time as I need adjusting, in anything, you name it - relationships, friendships, jobs, apartments, roommates, exercise regimens, food regimens..It takes me forever to get into a groove, mainly because I feel I need to morn the loss of where I was before. I almost go into a sort of depression - it's getting a bit harder to snap myself out of them.

My latest adjustment - my business idea. I need to maintain some secrecy, but it will unfold as I get more engrossed with the details. Anyhow, my idea has evolved into something I've been wrestling with/against - appealing to the catered to or neglected masses. And since I always consider myself an underdog and I always root for the underdog, I've come to the decision that I'm going to cater to the neglected masses.

I have original ideas which I have put to paper which I now need to revise. But I need the help of an associate who has rightly put everything on hold, to make her wedding dress and plan her wedding. Great for her, maybe not so great for me - now I feel I need to look at different avenues to get my ideas on paper - but I feel so comfortable with her and we have such a great vibe, I can't imagine having it with anyone else.

So, for the moment I'm stuck.....plotting and planning for my  future.

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