Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Abandoning Ship.......

So, there have been a few resignations at work since August.....
1st, the woman I support - but she went on vacation in August, came back, accepted a counter offer and she stayed.
That same week, the CEO of our co. - whose last day was the Friday before the woman I support came back from vacation. He was wealthy in his own right, as I found out today he started and sold Charles David when he was 35.
This week - my boss' boss, her last day wil be Oct 7th (the day after my best friend returns from his month long trip to Spain, thank goodness, as I miss him terribly)

I'm not sure what this latest resignation means for me - but I'm sure it's not going to get any easier any time soon. Actually I've been on doube duty, as one of my counterparts is on maternity leave and I've absorbed a heavy load of her responsibilities - everything's been going well so far, but I always anticipate that I'm missing something. But pretty much every week is stressful, but I do seem to get a lot done and to be very efficient.

This week promises to be very interesting - as I have a deadline/goal I've set...I'll keep you posted how it comes along by Saturday...

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