Thursday, August 25, 2011

Co-Worker Functions.....

Or in this case, former co-worker function! Interesting thing when you decide to get together with people you used to work with - half of them don't show up! Granted, 3 had a reason, they're still at the company we just lef and the new boss called an impromptu dinner meeting that night, sounds suspicious, no?  Then you get some people who are just over and done with it, they were let go or left and where they are now leaves no time to rehash the past negative experience.

But still, there was a great turnout - with a couple unexpected invitees....My 1st boss who had been there a couple of years put together the whole thing. But the new boss, who I resigned with was there - not my fav person. And she was only with the company for almost a year, how on earth did she get the invite! Then there were those left of the evite - I love how we all know who to snub! If there's a question that there might be friction between some people, leave the least important off.. Come on, bad enough you had to fake it while you worked there - now that you don't, there's no need to fake it in what's supposed to be a peaceful environment.

With the president and co-founder being let go by the board, to create a more profitable company and to get it back on trend - everyone seemed in very good spirits as those were 2 of the most disfunctional people you've ever seen! So we laughed, we congratulated, we smiled, we drank but mostly we celebrated getting on to a better place in our lives and remembering one another!

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