Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Somber Tuesday....

The week started off with a bang...Monday am I took the power plate class and today I'm feeling it especially in my lower glutteus area - it really zapped those tough spots. Work, with the Director I support on vacation - I'm point person and it can get daunting..but managed to do well! Then 7pm I went to zumba class and although tired was just overjoyed at being there and dancing the day's stress away. Today I'm wearing a wrap dress without the Spanx - mainly bc I left them at a friends place and haven't managed to get it - but just the same, my abs are tight, hips are smaller - I feel like I'm back to 125. I couldn't get into the plating class this am, they only have 5 stations and they were all booked for 7am, so i booked early and have 7am for tomorrow thru friday.

I'm also eating weel - started since last week, a boiled egg in the am with an orange or half a grapefruit, half a cup of coffee. Lunch - salad or brown rice & chicken and broccoli, or yam and salmon; dinner - yogurt and apple (something like that). All in all I'm feeling great.

The mum issue - I called her yesterday, she was happy and I can call her every week - it's a new dawn for our relationship. But she told me that a family friend's father passed away from cancer. I was shocked, I didn't even know he was sick! Her, my 2 sisters and myself used to hold up in our room choreographing and dancing to New Kids On The Block - Right Stuff, really fun and innocent times. But she is married with 2 kids, at least she has her husband to lean on. But her mother, who my mom was bff with has, is alone with maybe a pre-teen daughter to raise, I'm sure she's feeling it. It's just very sad news.

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