Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Week....A New Workout, maybe New Apt!!

Trying to juggle looking at apartments, the heat and feeling lethargic all at once is not easy, most days I find myself too exhausted to do anything. I'm working with a broker, who's a go getter type - I really like her but she's on top of me about something or other every second! And while I've seen 2 that I really like, i'm just not ready to pull the trigger! I'll know by this week whether I'll put an application for 1 of the apartments. It's really cute, light yellow, a studio with a separate kitchen - looks over 72nd, I can totallly see myself there! But, if someone else snaps it up, it wasn't meant to be - I'm not on her timetable, she's on mine! And by making her wait, hopefully I can negotiate a better the game or get played!

But tomorrow I start a new workout regimen - I wanted to start on Sunday but they are not opened today, so tomorrow 7am is when I go. its called the power plate workout, only 30 minutes stand on this wide plate, in a variety of stances (lunges, squats, push ups) for 30 minutes and it vibrates in 3 dimensions, really working out the muscles. I can't wait, I hope I'm not too sore for work!

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