Monday, July 4, 2011

Back Home.....

Refreshed from spending the long, July 4th weekend with my sister on Long Island - it's gone as soon as I step on the train back to NYC. Maybe I'm really over the city? No, I'm over living with a roommate. So, here I go on the search for my own place, I am really thinking of the UWS - its close to where group is, 1 of the 2 apartments I saw is on the same block. And when I walked in there was this feeling of safe and calm that just washed over me! I've never felt that before, except when I'm at my sister's home. It's just missing 1 amenity that is soooo important to me! Can I live without it? I just don't know. I'm seeing a few more an will see how I feel about the all.

It's just such a big responsibility/undertaking - am I ready to have my name on a lease? But why not - I can't keep responsibility at bay, it's part of life. Making a decision, owning up to it and following through, the next part of my life!

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