Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who Doesn't Love a Short Work Week...

I know I certainly do! I'm feeling much better, just have a slight cough left, so I'll listen to my ex and not go to yoga tomorrow.

Raul - I tell you, he really is just controlling, well that's how I see it. I'll be fair and not go into it so badly. He's mid 30's, very strong, independent, smart, good looking, opinionated as hell and stubborn, the last 2 make for a disastrous mix. But he's accomplished a lot and he's helped me out a ton - and he knows me like no one else, after 3 years of living together - I sure hope so! Instead of being involved, we're just friends....really, truly - do not read into anything more into this or smirk and say mmm hmm! That used to be me when someone would say that about themselves and their ex, but no longer - I'm a believer. After you live with someone for years, how do you just cut them out from your life. Now, I understand there are circumstances where you just do..I tried to, because that's how I handle breakups, in general. But it didn't work, I missed him a lot. There's a tremendous amount of love there, but its not the romantic love. Anyway, he's a rock solid person, the anti Al.

Didn't get to review my project with my boss, she's just all over the place..maybe today. Oh, and the Italian girl commented on my hair - that she wants to see what the cut looks like - such a nosy body! Can't a girl  Un-weave in peace anymore? What's the world coming to!

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