Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Waiting Game....

So, I'm the most impatient person in the world - I'd rather sabotage something just to have an answer instead of wait and have it eat away/torment me the whole day. But patience is a virtue and I really want this, so I'm going to yoga to send out some positive vibes fo myself and temper my impatience.

I'm also starting a food journal today, my spending has gotten a little out of control as well as my caloric intake - if I can start learning to control those 2 things, it'd be a huge start and will extend to other areas of my life.

When I was sick I was forced to be still, alone with myself and my thoughts. I felt like I was wasting time - like I shouldn've been out there circulating. But it brought me back to realizing that I cherish those quiet times, my mind is at ease, I'm not overdoing myself. But that was forced, so now I need to cultivate that.

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  1. if you can gain control of your spending it will be easier to control other aspects of your life