Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today is the day....

I get proposed to, haaaaaaa, not likely! No, the project at work I was stressing about is going to be reviewed with my boss, so I look forward to her feedback and anticipate it going well.

Ohhhh, so I've been weaveless since Saturday afternoon - and yesterday I wore my hair up so I could avoid the usual "Oh, you cut your hair" then smile and nod and say yes. There is 1 girl who I work closely with, she's Italian, and she said did you get your hair straightened, I said yeah and I cut it, she says oh you have to wear it down tomorrow..I'm like we'll see. Its amazing, I feel smart and serious without it, like a different personality. I feel like it made me look younger and gave me more false confidence. But with my own hair I feel more real, naturally confident, like I have to work on the deeper aspects of myself instead of thinking that the beauty it conveys will automatically cancel out whatever horribleness I'm dishing, who'd have thought such a small thing could have such a profound impact.

I may let it down today I may not..Since its so hot and sweaty if I let it down it may stick to my neck - which is really just an excuse because our AC indoors is always on full blast, so usually I throw a sweater on. I guess I really just don't want to deal with the "oh you cut your hair" comments - maybe Friday, when/if we get out early!

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