Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Scale Does Not Lie...

132, that's the number I saw on the scale and the nurse noted on my file today at my doctor's appointment! Last year, I was 125 - 7 whole pounds in 1 year. Also last year, I was fresh off my breakup - went running the morning before my appointment and hadn't eaten anything. But I had been working out and eating healthily as I pondered my fate back into Single status! This year, fresh off relationship saga's and just a bit dejected, trying to get myself back into the game of life!

I love my doctor, she has a little girl 19 month old and is carrying a 2nd child, a boy. She's very pretty, this time I looked into her eyes which were heavily lined, mine are usually moderately lined (for that exotic cleopatra look) and it achieved the objective. Her dark brown eyes appeared lighter and she was glowing. We talked, she did her thing and I did mine - cringing and deep breathing but I got through it. Beforehand I had fresh pressed - carrot, apple, cucmber and ginger juice. Jax cheeze puffs from the market and had to stop by Ess A Bagel (one of NYC's best bagels) because its right across from her.

Woke up this am and Insanity cardio recovery is the workout on schedule, thank goodness bc I didn't have a dinner and woke up devoid of energy. I think I'm having too many carbs and not enough protein in my diet which is causing the weight gain---I will change it starting today. Sorry body! Other than a funky mood because of the 5lb weight gain - I'm alright...I will beat this!

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