Monday, June 6, 2011

The Promise of a New Week...

Turns out yesterday at the yoga, the girl who's apartment I went to see was there? She wasn't sure it was me and vice versa. But a bit afterwards I emailed her and we met for coffee and talked for almost 2 hours...I just wanted her to know my story and know more about her - I feel like people just rush in to becoming roommates, so this was a more responsible way of doing it. She says she's narrowed it down to 2 and I'm one of them - nerve racking!

I've been in this position before, when I interviewed for Louis Vuitton - when I went back, a month later, I asked how is the process going? And she said I've narrowed it down to 2. And then I got it!! So, today and the week bings a lot of promise. I've also been in this position for an apartment and it didn't come through, so trust me I'm not counting any eggs until they hatch.

Issue 2, al finally texted me yesterday after I texted him - where r u? He said, let's get together sometime during the week. Don't shake your head and think, uh oh, trouble. I'm the type I need closure, I cannot have thingsup in the air - even if it fairs badly - I don't care, it just has to be done with. So, instead of my going on facebook and driving myself nuts wondering if he's engaged to the girl who has the pic of him and her together, I'm going to ask him and get it from the horses mouth. I'm going to tell him that being number 2 isn't my lot in life, I deserve and am moving on from this unhealthy, destructive course that I find myself on with him, that I wish him the best but I'm losing his number and he should do the same - and if he doesn't I will change my number.

It's really going to be a day of reckoning...the 3 days of yoga has set in, I see everything with clarity, certainty and the assurance that this is the right step for me. Living in the past and what could have been is preventing me from moving on - which is what I need to do.

I skipped yoga today, I'm a bit tired and can't fatigue myself, so no workout today - maybe some core work when I get home. I need to get my abs back into shape - so I'll start up the 50 situps each night routine.

Can't wait for the week to unfold as I'm sending out as much positive enrgy as I can muster!

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