Friday, June 3, 2011

Presentation Day FInally....that was it?

Ha, my presentation went really well - finally, its over with. I have been agonizing and truly believe I made myself sick worrying about this. I procrastinated a bunch, followed my instinct and it worked out...phew. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. It's only 1:24pm on Friday and I've already checked out. Summer Fridays start everywhere and some of the other companies are letting their employees out at 1pm or 2pm (provided they finish all their work) company, we don't leave until 4pm. Why? Because headquarters are in Ca and with the 3 hour time delay, if they're able to leave at 1pm but will need information from us, we have to be here until 4pm to provide it to them. Unfair doesn't even begin to describe that. But, whatever - I won't turn my nose up at 2 of hours free time from work, because the unemployment rate went back to 9.1% in May, so I'm thrilled to be here - smiley face, wearing my heels, sitting up in my chair - like the happiest worker on earth, until my next evolution. Most of you know what that is and those who don't, stay tuned for future blogs.

Today, my first day doing any kind of physical exercise - except for walking, I walk home from work everyday - its about 30 minutes, great exercise, great weather, people watch - why not do it! I rolled out of bed at 6:20 and dragged myself to yoga. My hair was wrapped (I had lost my pink headscarf and needed another immediately - so went to the Duane Reade on Broadway, I said selff, do you really expect to find anything ethnic in here besides the cashiers - ouch! Then I went to the CVS on park, lo and behold - they had the actual "du rag" and thath's what I've been sporting since.) So this am, I exit my building - "du rag" intact, with my workout shorts, a tank with built in sports bra, and flip flops, with a light jacket over- because everything is snug. The yoga studio is litterally 20 feet from my door - somehow this guy across the strees, in front of the bodega (for dramatic purposes) at 6:30am starts whistling and calling at me. Another man who's walking towards me says "you're husband is a lucky man"! Ugh, if only you knew, I said to myself. Continued to walk with my head down and got into yoga.

Tough class today, for the 2nd time in a month, one of the co-owners was there again, she's originally from Mass. The last time she said they were taching and speaking at the UN, but this time I'm assuming she came because the classes in Massachussets are canceled due to the hurricane? I wanted to ask her and give her my sympathies, but she stayed after and was still practicing. I know I prefer not to be interrupted when I'm practicing so I extended the same courtesy and sent that vibration to her instead. I always feel at home there - I'm not sure what it is, I just can't practice anywhere else. I also desperately want to do the teacher training, but I've only been regularly practising since September - I feel I need to be a student at least a year and then I'll have something valuable to pass on? No, I feel like I"m such a mess in various aspects of my life that I need to work and correct them before I can function on the level I believe an aspiring yoga teacher should. But again, that's my own silliness - for some being a yoga instructor is a job, and their personal life is apart from it. Not for me, though - so I'll hold off for a little bit.

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