Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's good to be back....

We all have our lot in life to bear and its no fun belaboring it and beating a dead horse. It was hard writing my previous blog so I'm sure it was tough reading it. But I felt I needed to tell that story, just didn't like my delivery of it! But, no apologies!

Anyhow, had a great time with my friend Lisa, Friday night. We went to 230 5th Ave Rooftop - I got there about 5:30, had a drink at the bar, surveyed the lay of the land - not too crowded and some male eye candy. But so not interested, to whip out the old ok magazine and start reading the latest gossip. I'm not sure what is considered reporting nowadays but these fluff magazines are just not making the grade. I really think celeb culture has gone down the toilet.

And poor Wiener - I really did believe him when he first denied the allegations and said his account was hacked into...he should have stuck to that story. In acting the first rule and most important rule, commit fully. Once he started denying, he should have stuck with it because there would always be a group of people willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, like me! I don't get it, what is the gratification with sexting? What? Get out all the perverted thoughts in a journal or something. Not like you're going to act on them. And his regal looking pregnant wife, what a cluster f&%*. But best of luck to him in that situation - future NYC mayor, not likely - though we are a forgiving bunch.

Back to Lisa, we went to South Beach together for New Year's Eve, stayed at the fountainbleau. We go to a party at a different hotel for the big party and countdown. Lisa, meets a guy and they've been in a 6 month courtship and going strong...I mean what are the chances of that? But she really deserves it, one of the sweetest and inspiring girls I know. We are very similar and every time I hang out with her, I'm left inspired to "continuez a lutter la bonne luttre", keep fighting the good fight.

I texted Al yesterday, hoping he had a better day blah blah blah, in essence he said he'd respect and help me with my request not to engage with him anymore, like we were in battle! Actually, that's how it felt to ever get to spend time together. But it's done with and I'm free. There were 4 people whose opinion I was afraid, I need to get back to my promise when the clock struck 12am on 1.1.11, to live my life with no fear. So now its 1 less person i'm afraid of and invited him to the blog and into my blog, welcome! 3 to 2 sisters, and my rock/constant supporter/conscious/the best person I know - and yet I have a feeling he's already here, always has been and always will be!

Thanks to Lisa, I feel rejuvenated, reinvigorated to take back control of my life, and can focus on  plotting and planning my next moves - because I have to get out of the rat race and there's a lit of work to be done. Insert Oasis song: Hello! Hello! It's good to be back, good to be back.

Saturday, today - a lot of grooming. Yoga at 8:45am, hair salon at 11:30am, facial at 2:45pm - and I've been breaking out lately, she's going to reprimand me for not taking better care of my skin then proceed to inflict the most pain I have ever felt in my life, I mean my sessions with her are intense. She's so thorough and anal about doing the best possible job, bananas! I love people like that, that's how I am!

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