Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I can hardly feel my lower back....

2nd day back on Insanity really hurts! I exercise in front of the mirror, so I can admire my body/critique my form...not so today. Couldn't avoid looking at all the jiggle, I am not a happy camper. So I'm focusing extra hard on firming up!

I knew today was going to be a late day - because my phone alarm went off and I decided I'll take a little more time to get up. Then looked at the phone and it was 7:15, got out of my apt at 8:40, got to my doctor's appointment 9:15, couldn't find my insurance card - called my co worked for the iinsurance co name, as I had forgotten - but I had my info on a post it...thank goodness. Finally left the doctor's office at 10:50, thought about jumping on a subway, but it was only a 17 block walk - so I walked down 5th ave, thru Rockefeller Center (how many people get to do that) on this beautiful Wednesday. And I remembered what my good friend B told me and smiled a lot as I walked and thought about the beautiful day, that I'm alive and kicking and I was truly greatful for that. Thank  you B!

Got to work at 11, inhaled Special K and added blueberries, with soy milk - feeling energized and ready to face whatever today brings.

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