Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Who else woke up to thunder and lightening at about 5am today? I had to put my fingers to my ears it was so loud. Thank goodness I was able to still get some rest after that. Hopped out of bed at 7:07 realized I had promised my good friend B that I'd keep the momentum and workout, put on my best outfit and smile and know how blessed I am with all that I have, not to worry about what I don't have at the moment, as it will come in due time.

So, had to pop in Insanity Pure Cardio. Half way through the beginning routine, I thought - I am just too tired and not feeling it. Put the tape on Pause, went to get some cold water. And unpaused and tore through the routine. I have no idea what I did the first time I put the tape in a while back, but it was brutal - he even says at the end, when we're stretching "sometimes I wonder why I went into the phyysical fitness field" and he answers in a high pitched voice "because I want to have a nice body" - cracks me up, the things we do for vanity.

Managed to shower, get clothes on, get out to the subway - pick up my bacon, egg and cheese, make it into work. And now having my much needed coffee - endorphins alone are not enough to get me through the day! I think I'm going to start having coffee again, I just have not been able to get my energy level up to get through the day strong. I've been feeling so week and depleted. But yesterday at the doctor's I'm getting full bloodwork done, so I'll know if anything's amiss.

Tomorrow, definitely running in CP in the am - that's the quickest way for me to get in shape...I know this, my body knows this - it was only a matter of time before I return to my original love, running!

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