Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm ashamed to say this but this was what I ate Wednesday:

Bkfst - bacon, egg and cheese on buttered whole wheat toast, home fries (i never eat all of them, thank goodness). Usually after this breakfast I'll have a salad at lunch and yogurt for dinner and stop there. Not that day!!

I brought in 4 cookies I had left, from the pack I bought on sunday. I ate them because I needed a dessert to counter the saltiness of the eggs.

11am ish - went to Oren's, got a medium coffee with half and half, and they had 1 cheese danish left, so it was definitely meant to be mine. and I had that as well. (got to my desk, cut it in half and saved the other half.)

12:15pm ish- had a chobani pomegranate yogurt I brought in, and since the danish was there, took it out and finished it.

2:20pm ish - I decided I do want egg rolls (at my old company the Pres of Sls and some of us would always get chinese food when it was a stressful day) went to the chinese restaurant and got 2, with extra duck sauce and polished them off - 5 minutes top (the delay, when i bit into them they were piping hot...otherwise it would have been 2 minutes.

Had some chocolate covered almonds we have in the office, for accounts to snack on when they come during an off hour like 3 or 4pm. I had some at my desk and decided, why not!

Decided I wanted to do the bikram yoga 1 month challenge, hauled butt to Bed Bath to get turbie twist because I was going to sweat through my hair and would definitely need to wash it. Got them, then got a text from first kiss guy, TT - who I haven't seen since then, by choice. We are supposed to hang out sometime this week but he wanted to know if I was around to hang out within a couple hours. I text back it looks like its about to poor (I know!! I completely confused it with pour and thought as much within a couple seconds after I sent it) - and he said ok. Not sure if he meant ok and? or ok, I understand.

Get home - I'm feeling a little too full to go to Bikram - didn't want to run the risk of nausea, which happened to me during my first time ever. So, decide to nix yoga.

730pm - I think, what to do for dinner. Then I think my good friend goodburger - I get the 1/4 pounder burger, with french fries and onion rings (never had their onion rings before, I was curious as to how good it was and why not order them, I hadn't consumed enough calories for the day yet)! I polish off the fries and have 3 onion rings, it tastes like its made with beer batter and I'm not a fan!

That's like 3000 calories for the day! But I allowed myself to have that bad day and now I feel like I'm back on track, except I do have a hankering for a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and chips - we'll see!

Needless to say, I get my butt out of bed this am, head straight to my power yoga class and sweat out the toxins. This mornings breakfast was an all green juice from the BluePrint cleanse program, some coffee and now a mango and tea. Lunch will be grilled wild salmon and baked yams. Dinner - don't know, we'll see what TT has up his sleeve.

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