Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad Wednesday....

And it started with Tuesday night. Before group, I couldn't decide whatI wanted to havve for dinner. It seems I can't stop thinking about food, that's how I've chosen to cope with everything - because its seemingly the least harmless. The group meeting I go to is close to Pengang, a malaysian restaurant which used to have several locations within Manhattan (1 of which was across from my dormat NYU, its now just a drunken pub). But they have this amazing roti canai - which is a form of spicy curry served with a fluffy, airy pancake. My good friend Linda and I are both creatures of habit, and once we find something we love it - we can have it for a year, straight. But the only remaining location is on the UWS, near group and a lot of bad temptation. I decide I'm not hungry right then and there.

I take the train downtown, to my 'hood and Igot something delivered to best buy which arrived that day and I needed to pick up. Get in to best buy, they bring out the item and its this huge box - how am I going to carry this. I'm wearing the most long, body hugging, black maxi dress you can imagine...I got it via my company's clothing allowance, and hadn't tried it on - but needed something to wear and threw it on. Needless to say it's meant for someone who's 5'6" and I'm 5'0", what do I do?  Of course, wear the highest platform heels you can imagine. What other thing do I do - walk to group from work in said high platform heels, some 30 plus blocks. So, my feet did hurt a bit, it'll be flipflops for a few days.

Ah, best buy - no way I'm carrying this they say I can take a hand dolly thingy and I do, but leave my license..thank goodness I'm right across the park from best buy. So I dolly my purchase to the apartment. And some guy had the nerve to just ever so lightly touch my arm, because I generally don't like looking people in the eye on the streets, its a little unnerving to catch a stranger's eye and see that they want to devour you, meanwhile you're thinking of you're sweet niece who just graduated and is now part of this trying world. But this is the 3rd time its ever happened, 3 times too many. I look at my arm and scream are you kidding me, don't ever touch me - all without ever looking him in the eye - because if I do that, somehow he's won. Heart rate, blood pressure goes up.

Deposit the item inside, and now I have to cross the park again. Ugh, do I go an alternate route? Hell no, I'm in my killer black, maxi dress, listening to the latest song I'm in love with "Blow" by Keshia - ready to take on the world. I go back the same exact way I came, ha take that. I was not accosted - otherwise Iwould have decked him. I return the dolly, get my license. By this time I'm tired - we're talking miles in 6 inch platforms which should only be worn for a limited amount of time to look really cute in and then be put back on the shelf and admired. So, who has the 2nd best roti canai - Laut, they have a 27 rating in Zagat - so, do it! And they're a block away from me. I inhale it, take a shower and go right to bed.

Did I mention Laut's roti canai is spicy? pretty spicy! They say not to have spicy food before bed - which caused me to have a restless night, to be unable to do my workout in the am, and to focus all day long. So I ate and ate and ate my emotions to oblivion, Then felt a tad more down for not doing said exercise. But I rebounded, I allowed myself a bad diet day and will recover nicely!

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