Monday, June 27, 2011

Back and Rested....

I feel soooo rested from being in Queens this weekend. I stayed over with my best friend and it was just what the doctor ordered. 4 mile runs both mornings, good homecooking, reading and relaxation. I felt so far away from Manhattan.

This coming week, there should be no drama - I feel I've cut that out of my life. Also this week, a more mellow exercise routine - Zumba tonight, yoga tomorrow am then Zumba wednesday night and yoga thurs am. I feel like working out in the am made me hungry during the day and likely to eat more, so trying something new this week.

Then just quietly getting through the short work week and skipping out of town Thursday night or Friday am and having a great 4 day weekend. This coming July 4th weekend will be relaxing also, as I'm going home to Long Island to hang out with my sis, brunch with my girlfriends, maybe brave it and go to a beach - I try and go to the beach at least once a year. Not a huge fan, but we'll see!

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