Sunday, May 29, 2011

WHat a hectic Saturday, but I want to move to PA.....

This was my Saturday...wake up at 6:45am, pack my bags because I was heading to PA to spend time with my fav former college roomie Saturday night and then go to my niece's high school graduation an hour away Sunday at 9:30am. Pack my bags, put things together then realize I wanted to get to the hairdresser early because, I decided "not to weave" or to, yes folks you'll notice me on the streets of NYC as one of the few ethnic ladies, wearing their own hair! How sad that some people are taking bets on how long it will last..oh yee of little faith...MS.

I digress.. so, I haul butt out of my apt, decide to skip the call of coffee and a rasin danish at Taralluci e Vino, I turn left to Cap 1 instead - get some money.  Walk to the subway, go down the stairs and pull out my metrocard and usually my cell is in that pouch, but its not there - so I remember I didn't take it. Walk all the way back to the apt, by this time I'm sweating - bc its so hot out. Get up to the apt and couldn't find the phone, then finally found it on the floor attached to the charger. Then remembered I didn't take my zipcard to access the car I'm renting - so I spend the next 45 minutes looking their cust svce..she says our office is opened Mon to Fri is there anyone you can borrow a card from, I said no, she asks if she should cancel. I say I'll call back. Then I check the one place I didn't think it would be, the same place I keep all my receipts and found it as soon as I opened it....SCORE!

Then I'm off to the hair salon, stop and get a spinach quiche first, delicious. I get to the salon, I sit and wait! Of course, a girl who scheduled a wash, decides to ask for a tightening also, and my hairdresser complies - and proceeds to undo her weave, only to redo it - oy vey its going to be a long day..bye bye any chance of getting out early. In the meantime we all talk, eat, know, girl stuff - but I don't know the circle of clients so I have no gossip for the group. My hairdresser's assistant is this saucy, Jamaican, fellow Sagitarius - which means complex and moody. The big deal that day and the day before was that it was sweltering heat and the ac didn't work on friday, so they were livid to work in the heat. Then Saturday the owner had a new AC put in but it was only circulating warm air - not blowing in cold air. Then there was also this obnoxious girl there who thought the world revolved around her, you know the type! I really dislike those and have not met/interacted with any of the girls like that who go to the shop, but yesterday I had the misfortune. So, once I identified her as such, I just ignored her...the best way to handle those types is to show them they are irrelevant to your well being, because they are.

Finally, she started on m hair  about 3pm, didn't get done til 630ish - hauled butt to the zipcar, picked it up and started my drive to PA. Of course, the longest/arduous task, getting to the Holland Tunnel in Tribeca, through Soho. An hour of congested hell...but I get through it and I had my directions, printed out - via mapquest, I'm old school. I'm on I-78, thought I had gotten lost so got off and asked for directions, they were wrong - of course...then turned back and wasted an hour meanwhile i was going the right way. Finally got to my destination late, we ate, we drank, we chatted - I really needed her guidance and 2 cents, because mine just were not working. She chewed me out, but good on allowing myself to be anyone's 2nd choice. She suggested that I take time off from men, and go inside myself - discover myself and focus on me. I've wanted to take a sabbatical for a while, since I saw Eat, Pray, Love - so now I believe I will. No men, romantically for - I'll start with a month...this is going to be interesting....

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